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HookupDate Review 2023

HookupDate Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 20-45
Profiles 4 690 480
Reply Rate 69%
Ease of Use 10
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • HookupDate helps you find the best dating and hookup platforms
  • The site offer tons of information on dating and hookups
  • Helps people who are new to online dating to get familiar with the niche
  • You get to know whether the site is fake
  • You'll learn the price of membership, and site features before signing-up
  • You don't have to register to use HookupDate
  • Vast database
  • Hookupdate authors are top dating experts
  • There is no HookupDate app

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HookupDate is a reliable dating site managed by a team of professionals that knows everything about online dating and dating apps. They’ve done the research and provide in-depth reviews and reports on popular and well-known dating sites on the net. HookupDate has a solid reputation, and it’s the main choice for every online dating enthusiast. It’s where you can find a list of trustworthy dating and hookup sites that you can sign-up for if you’re looking for people who have a mutual interest with you.

In this review, you’ll learn more about HookupDate and what it has to offer. Is the site worth using, the unique features and tools you can use to find the perfect match, and is it reliable? Let’s find out!

Short HookupDate History

Initially, the platform was launched in early 2002, and in 2014 the site’s founders revamped the site to a whole new look. Owned by a company known as InterActiveCorp and People Media, the company’s goal is to connect people around the world in one safe and fun space. In addition, HookupDate offers thorough and detailed explanations and reviews on other dating sites so that singles understand the process of dating before registering an account. All reviews on HookupDate are not biased and solely based on the dating site itself.

Each site and app that HookupDate has reviewed caters to international singles or couples and has a comprehensive database of users. So if you are seriously looking for someone and not sure where to look, HookupDate is a good place to start.

How To Use HookupDate?

How To Use HookupDate?

HookupDate offers reviews on hookup sites that you can sign-up to find the perfect partner or a quick date. You’ll find reviews about various dating sites that you might be planning to sign-up for. You should weigh in on a few factors before deciding on which sites and apps to choose. For example, sites and apps that go with your budget, total signups, registration process, and safety and security. Then, you can start signing-up, and HookupDate will use its algorithm based on your preferences to recommend you to a list of dating and hookup sites available on the internet.

You can also read HookupDate’s blog to know more about dating sites and what site has reviewed.

On HookupDate’s homepage, you can see an extensive catalog of all dating and hookups sites available. In addition, you can use the search tool and add your filter to narrow down your search result. Unfortunately, some hookup sites are mainly available to certain countries due to restrictions and demand.

Some of the filters you can choose include:

  • casual encounter
  • gay dating
  • mature content
  • lifestyle dating
  • types of platform
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race and ethnicity
  • Alternative dating
  • Religious dating
  • Types of relationship
  • escort

As soon as you add all the desired filters, HookupDate will lay out a list of dating and hookups sites and apps that match your preferences. Next, you can check the site and app’s popularity rates, reviews, and brief details about the sites. Since HookupDate provides user’s reviews, don’t skip reading it as it’ll indicate how good the site is. If most of the reviews are bad, there is no point in checking it out, so you get to save time and hop to other dating sites that are worth exploring.

Signing-Up On HookupDate

Signing-Up On HookupDate

You don’t have to sign-up to use HookupDate. You can browse the site and read the reviews and informative articles for free without entering your email address.

When you select any of the sites and apps, HookupDate will ask for your email address for confirmation and share news and recent updates with you.

Design And Usability Features

Design And Usability Features

HookupDate’s website design is sleek and elegant. It has a white and pink color scheme that makes it look organized and appealing to the eyes. It has no pop-up ads or distracting videos that could prevent you from reading reviews; all tabs and navigation menus are adequately placed.

HookupDate’s site is simple and easy to navigate. You can read reviews and select sites and apps in grid order. For each site and apps, you can view its overall rating, singles online, visit rate, and reply rate. There is also a brief review that you can read, and to read further, you just need to click on the site. Dating categories are located on the top panel, making it easy to navigate and find a particular dating niche. As you scroll down, you can read articles on what hookups are all about and how to choose the best hookup site.

As you click on a specific dating site, you’ll be directed to another page requiring you to enter your email address and dating preferences. Before you can actually start using the site, you’ll need to provide your details and confirm your email address. This is one way the site gathers your information and generates income through its site.

On the site, you can get to other popular adult dating sites like BDSM sites, Interacial Cupid, and more.

The HookupDate include the following information on the site:

  • The list of adult dating and hookup sites and apps
  • Select your preferred dating style
  • FAQ about online dating safety and security
  • The best dating and hookup sites

    HookupDate is available in eight other languages, like French, English, Spanish, Turkish and more.

Who Uses HookupDate?

Who Uses HookupDate?

People who use HookupDate want to search for singles that share a similar interest with them but are not sure where to start. As HookupDate provides all the necessary information that you need to know about any dating and hookup sites and apps available, you’ll be able to filter and select the best sites and apps for you. Meaning you don’t have to waste time registering an account, create a profile and search for matches just to know what the site and app are all about.

HookupDate also offers educational information for people who are afraid of meeting people online. After all, singles who have no experience in online dating can feel insecure and nervous as they don’t know what to expect. Hence, using sites like HookupDate to learn about specific dating and hookup sites helps them feel safe and more confident.

HookupDate reviewing process is based on their authors’ experiences in using the site and collecting impressions and feedback from users. Some of the criteria that HookupDate evaluates include:

  • Profile quality
  • Navigation and user experience
  • Feature
  • Price and membership
  • Safety and security
  • Mobile application
  • Customer service
  • Active users

Safety & Security

HookupDate is safe to use. It’s a resource for high-quality dating services and reviews. In addition, they offer legal advice and educate users on every dating adult site and apps in terms of safety and security.

The site does not ask you to enter your information to read the reviews. However, if you wish to sign-up on any dating and hookups sites and apps listed down on HookupDate, you’ll need to share your information before they direct you to the site. This is one way for the site to generate its income.

You can read more about the Privacy Policy for more info on the safety and security of the site.

The Mobile App

The Mobile App

For the time being, HookupDate does not have any mobile application. However, you can use the mobile version on your phone or desktop to use the site. The mobile version and desktop offer the same features.

HookupDate Membership Options

HookupDate does not offer any membership or subscription. However, the site focuses on reviewing prices and membership packages between dating platforms. By doing this, you can identify which site or app can offer you a more unique and enjoyable experience. By going through reviews and feedback from other users on HookupDate, you’ll discover that most dating and hookup sites offer various memberships to use its features. All the information shared helps you figure out whether the subscription fees are flexible to your budget and expectation. You will also learn about promos, discounts, and trial options on HookupDate.

Help & Support

If you have any questions about any dating and hookup sites and apps or to share any feedback, you can contact HookupDate at https://hookupdate.net/contact-us/. You can also reach them at [email protected]


Is HookupDate perfectly safe to use?

Yes, HookupDate is safe to use. The site provides legal services to educate singles on how to stay safe while using hookup sites and meeting strangers you meet on the net. In addition, you can browse informational articles, videos, and report on hookups, so you know what to expect from hookup and dating sites.

Does HookupDate provide a genuine dating and hookup sites list?

Yes, HookupDate provides you with a safe and enjoyable dating and hookup experience by listing down sites and apps with minimal fake profiles and bots reported. The reviews you read will describe what type of people you’ll meet and what to expect from the sites and apps they recommend. The site will also recommend the best dating and hookup sites that are compatible with your dating needs.

How do I use HookupDate to search for the best dating and hookup sites?

You can read reviews and recommendations of your preferred dating and hookups sites and apps. HookupDate will provide user ratings and real reviews about the sites you’re interested in joining. In addition, you will find platforms that offer guaranteed value for money and offer a high probability of meeting someone.

Can I use HookupDate for free?

Yes, you can use HookupDate for free. You don’t need to pay for membership to read all reviews and the articles on the site. And you don’t have to pay HookupDate for its review services when you register on any dating or hookup platform through them.

Does HookupDate really work in recommending the best dating and hookup sites?

Yes, HookupDate researches and analyzes the most popular hookup sites, reads all the reviews, and gathers the most trusted and reliable sites and apps for its readers. Every site and app that HookupDate recommended has minimal fake profiles and bots and is safe to use. You can also select your dating preference by choosing your dating style and other options.


HookupDate’s objective is to create a positive reputation based on trust. The manpower behind HookupDate loves the idea of changing the world’s negative perspective towards online dating and hookups. By reading through detailed reviews about dating and hookups sites and apps, singles will feel more secure when they start using those sites and interact with other singles they will meet on the internet. As a result, singles will be able to meet the perfect match while staying perfectly safe. With more than 5 years of experience in dating and hookups, HookupDate has rated and reviewed hundreds of dating and hookup sites to assist you in finding the ideal match. All and all, with HookupDate, your dating and hookup experience will be more enjoyable and stress-free!

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