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Top 10 Android Apps – Our List!

Are you looking for a casual fling? Well, it is pleasant and easy to meet someone new through the internet. However, the process is also problematic because not every dating website will meet your expectations. Some are slow and expensive, while others will only waste your time. Luckily, today getting a casual fling is only a few clicks away. These free hookup apps for android are now accessible through a fast and simple downloading process.

Here, you can learn about someone before your first meet-up, for instance, their tastes, biases, and preferences. Indeed, with such free hookup apps for Android, why should you waste your time with someone who does not suit your standards? Well, continue reading and discover some of the best sex hookup apps for Android.

Want to Use Android Hookup Apps? Here’s What You Have to Know

The top android hookup apps are entirely anonymous in their operation. You can take a nameless person back home and even keep things intimate by ensuring the person who will be seeing you naked does not have a terrible sense of humor. However, you will need to choose an app that does not have a lengthy 10-minute set of questions about future families and romance. Instead, pick the one who has enough space to show all that you are searching for.

Good photos are also a massive factor when looking for the best free hookup apps for Android. Some dating sites and applications hide people’s pictures unless one has a paid account subscription. This, instead of an ‘unfair’ practice, is something many people do not love for safety and physical attraction reasons. Therefore, the best android hookup apps are those which show a person’s complete user profile.

List of the Best Android Hookup Apps

There are many free hookup apps for Android, whether you are searching for a casual fling or looking to get back into the world of dating. These applications prioritize casual, short connections and won’t ask unnecessary questions. With that in mind, let us now look at the ten best android hookup apps for a quick, hit it, and quit it session!

  • Tinder
  • Hinge
  • Grindr
  • AdultFriendFinder
  • HER
  • PURE
  • Feeld
  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • MenNation.




  • Tinder is one of the best android hookup apps as its registration is and users get customized matches almost instantly.
  • Its remarkable tech support saves time compared to other outdated dating apps such as OkCupid and eHarmony.
  • It is also anonymous, user-friendly, and free from unwanted emails.


  • The app raises plenty of privacy concerns as users to post photos of themselves and even add their personal information.
  • You will need to open a Facebook account to sign up, which faces many privacy concerns
  • Hackers have previously breached through Tinder’s security defenses and stolen close to 40,000 user photos.

App Description

As of 2023, Tinder has close to 57 million active users, making it one of the top android hookup apps in today’s market. These large numbers are due to its convenience and ease of use, attracting even the most skeptical and shy people. Tinder has two paying subscription options, which include Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold. A one-month subscription for Tinder plus is $9.99 and a 12 months subscription is $39.99. On the other hand, subscribing for one month of Tinder Gold is $29.99 and for 12 months is $119.99.

Tinder creates basic searches using the proximity setting and current location you set. Then, it provides you with suggestions on potential suitors, and you can either swipe left or right depending on your specific tastes. Remember that you can only start communicating with your potential hookup when you both like each other’s profiles.

User Review

After using Tinder for almost five years, I feel that it is one of the best android hookup app options today for long-term dating and casual hookups. Although it had many people looking for various things in the past, it is currently one of the most preferred casual dating apps. – Mike




  • Hinge is another best android hookup app as it offers competitive prices, free membership
  • Has a simple signup process
  • It comes with loads of unique app features, a hinge research team, and experts
  • Like Tinder, Hinge is also convenient for those looking for a long-term relationship or simply a casual weekend hookup!


  • Skipping and unmatching are permanent
  • Users should be careful to skip or choose profiles as only recent accidental skips can be corrected
  • The app does not conduct any background checks.

App Description

Hinge is one of the top android hookup apps with over 5 million registered members in the world. In fact, as of September 2019, Hinge was found to have at least 1.21 million users by audience size. Its competitive prices make it one of the best hookup app android options. It offers three cheap payment plans in six months. It also has an instantaneous, modern feel of the best hookup apps android options like Match or eharmony.

You can scroll similar to Instagram’s user interface and a good alternative for lonely singles looking for a one-night stand type of relationship. Overall, many Hinge users feel ideal for lonely singles looking for the best sex hookup apps for Android. It is also built to suit like-minded people looking for serious relationships and dates.

User Review

I recommend Hinge for your casual dating needs due its affordable payment packages. For those who love using Instagram, Hinge offers a familiar user interface. Therefore, if you’re a lonely single looking for a quick hookup, you should feel right ‘at home’ once you subscribe to Hinge. – Jane




  • It’s a free hookup app android dating platforms
  • You can meet up with nearby singles in only a few clicks
  • The app also has more than 6 million users
  • It’s anonymous and free.


  • Grindr is not a place for helpless romantics looking for their prince charming
  • It is only ideal for gay singles searching for something casual.

App Description

Grindr is one of the most popular hookup apps for Android in the bi-curious, bisexual and gay world. A majority of gay men use this app for a fantastic night out. Although you can still find a serious relationship here, it is not what many people come to Grindr for. The app is technically for transgender, bi, queer, and gay individuals, but mostly, you’ll find many men here. That said, other interesting facts about Grindr are as follows:

Introduced back in 2009, and with more than 2 million active users in 196 states, Grindr is the most successful and well-known all-male social dating network today. It also uses a free basic account for those first-time visitors looking to test its features and usability. Apart from that, it offers a free membership subscription for only $5 per month.

Matches on Grindr are mainly based on geographical targeting. Its user interface allows members to see once other users get online and determine how close they are. Here, you can easily see all available profiles within a certain radius.

User Review

I was pleased to see that the app allows users to report incidences of suspicious activity, from fake accounts to those using other users’ photos. As it tries to get rid of these fake accounts, the app has an impressive feature that allows Grindr accounts to be easily linked with social media platforms to help in removing fake users. – Vlad




  • AdultFriendFinder is one of the best android hookup apps, a trustworthy platform with a steadfast and enormous user base.
  • It contains plenty of interactions, digital sex choices, and interactions.
  • Also has various ways for sexual expression through online journals, webcams, and broad profiles.


  • Lack of an information-based matching system
  • There’s no freely deliberated information on the female to male user proportions.

App Description

This free hookup app android platform is suitable for a grown-up society and seeks to fulfill all your sexual desires. When it comes to swinger and sexual activities, it is the world’s largest social network. Here, you can find other individuals of like-mind, especially those looking for nonstandard sensual encounters. It contains features such as sex chat, sexually explicit content, and a variety of other intriguing materials such as:

AdultFriendFinder has more than 8 million global users, proving that it is one of today’s most famous android hookup apps. Because of such a large user base, the app faces a lot of daily traffic. To combat this massive flow of users, it has put in place software experts who work 24/7 to make sure that every customer’s user experience is convenient and seamless.

User Review

Unfortunately for subscribers of AdultFriendFinder, the app is quite expensive, with the minor subscription going at $39.95. However, its ease of use makes it one of the best android hookup apps today. That said, I found it easy to download from Google Play and the App Store. It is also pretty easy to explore and uses a shortsighted approach to keep the app stable and composed. – Melanie




  • HER is another brilliant free hookup app for Android with unlimited and free messaging
  • All profiles have photos and contain active social media accounts
  • Matches are only based on age preference and location.


  • Messaging is restricted to matches and friends
  • Sometimes the app may lag
  • You can only sign up through Instagram and Facebook
  • The app lacks a manual and search option.

App Description

HER is an online social media dating platform aimed at bisexuals, queers, and lesbian in the LGBTQ community. These are mainly individuals seeking to take part in online communities for online dating and social events. It means that queer, lesbian, bisexual women form the largest HER target audience. Other exciting features you need to know before using HER are:

HER is one of the most profitable android hookup apps with more than 4.5 registered users. It has also raised at least $2.5 million in funding. It comes with three subscription plans for $14.99 each month. All prices are in USD and may vary per region.

It is quite easy to register on this platform, but you will be required to have either a Facebook or Instagram account. This can be quite a massive turn-off for some as not many will link their Instagram or Facebook accounts with the app. Despite this challenge, uploading photos is relatively seamless, and you can even arrange them as per your liking.

User Review

After using the app for at least three months, I found that it has simple navigation, registration, and adjusting profile. However, there remains issues over the Instagram or Facebook account requirements. Why? Well, not everyone has these accounts, and only a few would like to link them to the app’s registration process. – Matilda




  • PURE will frequently show you potential matches
  • Has guaranteed anonymity
  • Comes with an above-average data security level
  • It has an unlimited free messaging option
  • Little to no fake profiles.


  • Users can only post one selfie at a time
  • It has no matching algorithm
  • You will also have to provide your credit card details even when using the app’s free version
  • Success is based on a users’ location.

App Description

Pure is an excellent free hookup app android option and efficient for anonymous and instant casual flings. Its main aim is to reward its trusted users with instant sexual adventures. However, note that your profile will disappear if you take too much time before accepting a meet-up. But that’s not all, here are other exciting things you need to know about PURE.

PURE has close to 8,000 users from the USA, with 3,000 of them being active weekly. Most of its users are between 25 and 34 years; unlike other hookup apps for Android, PURE offers affordable subscription prices for lonely singles. They include a one-week and one-month subscription plan of $14.99 and $29.99. To set up an account, download, and open the app. Proceed and permit it to process your data. This includes phone numbers, payment information, and email details.

User Review

Now, there are a couple of remarkable things about this app. First, there are no spam messages as only those you liked and those who have bought extra features will get the chance to contact you. Another critical point to note with PURE is its expiring profiles. Here, you don’t have to enter all your info, and the little information you will provide vanishes almost immediately. – Andria




  • Feeld is one of the best android hookup app platforms offering a vast user base
  • It has a strict verification process
  • The app has a high user quality profile
  • There is also no nudity and discrimination
  • It’s open to persons of different genders.


  • The app doesn’t have a desktop version
  • Users are restricted from sharing photos
  • The app also requires a compulsory Facebook synchronization process
  • Many feel it has more men than women.

App Description

Feeld is a community of the open-minded, which allows you to pick from over 20 gender and sexual identities. You can pair your profile to coincide with your partner, create group chats, and list your specific desires. The app is also sex-positive and does not resemble a computer virus.

With over 20 sexuality and gender identity options, this app is mainly meant for those searching for an inclusive and friendly environment. As such, it has over 2 million members from the United States looking for casual hookup relationships. A premium membership subscription on Fleed is known as ‘Majestic Membership.’ It contains two cheap subscription plans of only $11.99 for one month and $23.99 for three months. The app is also committed to ensuring that you enjoy a safe online casual dating experience through its detailed privacy notice.

User Review

Overall, I believe that Fleed is a simple dating app with no complicated features. Its chat service is a straightforward chatting room that allows users to send one another text messages. Unlike other dating platforms, the messenger on feeld is relatively easy to use. It maintains its user’s privacy by respecting every person who registers, visits, or signs up to the mobile application. – Shantel




  • This is one of the best sex hookup apps android platforms offering a vast and diverse user base across 50 countries.
  • Users also receive daily personalized suggestions based on their tastes.


  • Only the paying subscribers can use the unlimited messaging option or see who liked their user profiles.
  • It is also time-consuming to search through all features, matches, and choices.
  • The privacy mode or incognito web browsing is only available for paying subscribers.

App Description

Match.com is one of the oldest dating platforms in the United States. It has received an international reputation as a trusted place for singles looking for long-term and short-term relationships. It has facilitated more relationships, first dates, and even marriages than any other dating app. It is also exclusive to all persons despite their body type, ethnicity, faith, and relationship status.

The app has at least 39.7 million active subscribers. This makes it one of the most sorts after dating platforms globally. Match.com also offers three cheap monthly subscription plans starting from only $27.99 for three months.

You can join Match using your social media and email account. Here, you will find an in-depth profile focusing on your lifestyle and interests. It is also arranged in four accessible sections to help you navigate and find your Match.

User Review

As one of the oldest dating platforms in the USA, there are a lot of exciting features that come with Match.com. I was particularly impressed with how the app maintains a high level of security using its private mode feature. Here, you can keep your profile inaccessible to strangers who want to contact you. – Bill




  • eHarmony has perfect user personality and compatibility
  • It has robust security and privacy features
  • It also has a quick and easy matching system
  • Users are guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction.


  • It has only a few search tools
  • Users complain of its expensive plans and lengthy signup process.

App Description

Eharmony is one of the leading dating sites in the country. Its increased popularity is because of its ability to assist ordinary singles in cultivating and finding long-term relationships. It is a secure and well-rounded dating website that uses a scientific approach to collecting data to create matches. The app has more than 10 million users. This impressive numbers are because of its 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

eHarmony’s registration process is lengthy but is entirely instrumental in helping users find the ideal hookup. The site does all the work for matchmaking, so you won’t have to browse through several profiles to find your Match. After calculating suitable matches, the app sends its recommendations directly to your inbox daily.

User Review

I enjoyed using eharmony for its amazing commitment towards maintaining complete customer satisfaction. This is probably why it has gained popularity over the years. Thanks to its scientific approach of creating matches, I found the ideal hookup almost instantly. Unlike other android hookup apps, eHarmony is okay doing all the work for you! – Steve




  • It is one of the oldest and most experienced android hookup apps
  • It has a great video call and lives chat feature
  • Many gay men feel it is the ideal and most accessible app or software to find an excellent sexual hookup.


  • Users can only access the best features by subscribing to a premium membership
  • It also contains a lot of explicit content.

App Description

MenNation is a local hookup app android platform for curious, bisexual and gay men. It has more than 82 million active subscribers with at least 88,000 daily active users. To join, you will be required to provide your password, email address, and user name. It is also essential to state your sexual orientation, race, marital status, and body type.

Currently, the app offers three cheap subscription plans at only $30 for one month. Its security and privacy features are also robust as it keeps all user information free from hackers using an efficient data encryption system. Because of such perks, many single men feel it is an excellent solution for getting a quick sexual hookup with the ideal person.

User Review

A quick scroll through MenNation showed that is an app that is perfect for all gay and bisexual men looking for a no-strings attached relationship. Its cheap payment packages and efficient privacy and security features make it quite convenient for persons of all ages, cultures and race. – Alex


Is Using Android Hookup Apps Safe?

Android dating apps have provided lonely singles with a convenient way of meeting new and interesting people. Despite this, you should pick the hookup service that is guaranteed of complete user discretion. This app should keep your online activity secure from hackers and other malicious individuals. Go through the security and privacy policy before settling on any hookup up.

Are There Free Android Hookup Apps?

Singles from across the world are turning to android hookup apps for their casual dating needs. These apps are free for download in the Google PlayStore. Many of these apps will require a paying subscription for you to access their premium features. Make sure you get the one with the most favorable price packages.

How Can I Pick Out the Best Hook Up Apps for Android?

Always look for the app that has the best matching and communication features. While you may need to subscribe to some of these services, free versions also provide excellent insights on how to use the app. The ideal hookup app should also have affordable and reasonable price packages and follow all security and privacy regulations.

How Different are Hookup Apps from Other Normal Dating Apps?

Normal dating apps offer the opportunity for singles to meet their soul mates. On the other hand, those using hookup apps mainly look for casual, no-strings relationships. It means that if you are looking to fall in love, hookup apps are probably not the best choice. Instead, subscribe to an android hookup app if you are looking for a fun and exciting fling.

How Can I Find a Hookup near Me?

Finding the best android hookup app can be a tough ordeal. From fraudulent websites, those containing numerous ads to the expensive ones, looking for the most ideal service can consume your time. Fortunately, apps like Tinder are readily accessible on the Google PlayStore. From here, you can download them almost instantly!

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