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Top 10 IOS Hookup Apps – Our List

Many people believe that the culture of getting hookups began with Tinder. Well, although it’s the most commonly used iPhone hookup app, there are plenty of others that are just as suitable. So, are you too busy for a long-term relationship? You are probably looking for the opportunity for some quality flings. Well, here’s our list of some of the best ios hookup apps!

Want to Use iOS Hookup Apps? Here’s What You Have to Know

Following the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of dating apps have emerged, much more improved than ever. They have adapted their features allowing people to meet even without leaving the comfort of their homes. This is why many lonely singles are now turning to hookup apps today, unlike ever before.

Many times they are not just looking for romance. In recent times, people are registering on these dating apps to find a suitable hookup. Of course, this makes sense since many of these apps are designed to help you find someone who can complement your personality and shares the same interests. It doesn’t matter what you are searching for, either a casual hookup or long-term relationship; the best ios discreet hookup apps will give you the help you need.

Look for those with new features such as security checks and video meetups. Free versions will also give you a clear idea of how the app works and its effectiveness in finding you a good hookup. Most importantly, the best hookup apps for iPhone should follow all security and safety regulations to protect its account user privacy.

The List of Best iOS Hookup Apps

In need of a quick hookup? There is no need to feel ashamed. Today, there are apps for almost everything, even finding some casual sex. Today, Apple has sold at least 2.2 billion iPhones, and 20% of American web uses are constantly using such online dating apps. Here are ten fantastic options for you to check out!

  1. Badoo
  2. Happn
  3. Wild
  4. Grindr
  5. Scruff
  6. Tinder
  7. Feeld
  8. Pure
  9. TapDat
  10. DOWN Dating.




  • Badoo is a site with massive popularity, with 446 registered subscribers across 180 countries
  • The app is filled with genuine members
  • It is well-organized and has a user-friendly navigation process
  • It also uses your location settings to connect you to the nearest hookup.


  • Registration for this iOS hookup app is a must to enjoy using it
  • To access some of the site’s features, you will need a paying subscription.

App Description

Badoo is a reliable iPhone hookup app used by lonely singles looking for a casual fling. It uses a simple match through swiping interface while describing the kind of connection you need. It also provides vital details such as someone’s relationship status, star sign, height, and drinking.

Apart from the 446 million subscribers, the app exchanges at least 300 million messages between users every month. At an average, the number of Badoo’s active members is around 60 million. The app also offers three membership subscriptions: a one-month, three months and six-month subscription.

What’s more, Badoo is a highly safe platform that protects its user’s privacy. Its guidelines and terms of usage should be accepted by all users who wish to enjoy its services. It can block and report users who violate its privacy policy. Overall, this is one of the best hookup apps for iPhone, where you can meet up with new people for a casual, one-night stand. However, it is probably not the ideal place if you are looking for a soul mate.

User Review

After using the app, I found it to work properly and sending messages is quick and easy. However, there were a few problems in receiving messages. This made some of the matches I was talking to feel as if I was ignoring them. Despite such defaults, getting a casual fling on Badoo is pretty fast. Try it out today! – Izoh




  • This free hookup app iPhone service is relatively easy to register and use
  • It offers excellent prevention and moderation of bot accounts
  • You can use Happn for free.


  • Compared to other dating sites or apps, Happn is not quite popular
  • It lacks a compatibility-based personality matching system
  • Like most other iOS hookup apps, Happn has locked away some of its most fascinating features behind a costly pay gate.

App Description

Although the app is relatively young in online dating, it has a lot of exciting services on offer. Its user base is tech-savvy and young, so response times are excellent. The app’s paid version also has enough features for lonely singles not looking for long-term love commitments.

It follows a similar style as that of Tinder, where you swipe either right or left on a list of singles your location. You can use it either as a free version, or subscribe to its exciting, paid features. The app’s pro version will cost you a monthly fee of $30 or a six-month subscription of $70. Here, you can search with improved features like body type and height.

Although it’s a great app, there are still areas where it needs to improve on. For instance, it is not suitable for older singles, less-tech savvy people, and those looking for long-term commitments. It also has a small pool of subscribers of only 10 million subscribers, while apps like Tinder have twice the number.

User Review

This is another efficient iOS hookup app when it comes to privacy and security. However, Happn still shares its members’ details with other companies like Snapchat, Facebook, and TikTok. That said, I felt that this type of data-sharing is common and it’s up to you to make sure that you don’t share too much of your private details. – Amit




  • People enjoy the features in this app, such as the chance to rewind on the matches you accidentally ignore
  • It also allows you to connect with users from across the world
  • You can include your favorite NSFW pictures in your user profile for only your actual matches to view.


  • The app is somewhat costly
  • Some subscribers have complained of bugs
  • It has only a handful of free options, making it less exciting than other iPhone hookup apps on this list.

App Description

Compared to other free hookup apps iPhone dating services, Wild is relatively new. However, according to recent reports, it is one of the fastest-growing hookup platforms. Currently, it has more than 500,000 subscribers. It also has a quick sign-up process where you will be required to provide just a tiny amount of your personal information.

The app offers its users with specialized search filters. It puts into account features such as desires, the customer wants, and the verification process. VIP members can even remove users who are rarely on the platform. You can also limit the number of those who view your photo as per your liking.

Unfortunately, the app has a $30 sign-up fee for those who wish to access its exciting features. This includes the unlimited likes and chatting option and the improved search mechanic enjoyed by VIP users. That said, when it comes to security and privacy, this is probably one of their most impressive features.

It has a simple and adequate verification process that other apps have started to adopt too. For instance, it will require that you take a picture facing a given direction in a particular position. Doing so prevents the entry of bots that take up too much space on the app.

Overall, as many user reviews point out, this is one great app that you need to try out. It is perfect if you are picky in your selections and also value user privacy. However, you stand at a higher chance of finding a quick match with a paid subscription.

User Review

This is one great app that you need to try out. It is perfect if you are picky in your selections and also value user privacy. You can enjoy a lot from its free version you. However, you stand at a higher chance of finding a quick match with a paid subscription. – Javan




  • Grindr is another of the fastest-growing iOS hookup apps – more than 6 million users
  • It also allows you to meet nearby singles and keeps your interactions anonymous and free.


  • It is purely for casual hookups. As such, it is not for romantics looking for their prince charming.
  • Others have reported the app as glitchy.

App Description

Grindr is specifically meant for gay men looking for a potential hookup. With at least 3.8 million active subscribers, Grindr part of the world’s most commonly used ios hookup apps. In fact, data shows that at least 74% of gay men today enjoy its amazing dating services.

It is worth noting that the app uses a geolocation system to source potential matches. Here, you will get the chance to source potential matches by age, the kind of relationship you want, and even tribe. This is why it has become a revered and respected symbol in the gay culture.

Grindr is one of those free hookup apps iPhone platforms every gay man needs. Unfortunately, many of its features are limited. For instance, free version users can only filter their searches into three categories. This means that to enjoy its improved services, you will be forced to pay a fee of at least $22.99 to $92.99.

User Review

I also found that this is a closet app that will show you everything you wish to know on your match. It will ensure you find someone genuine and in identifying fake profiles. After using it for at least one month I felt it was perfect for those looking for both short and long term relationships. Here, you’ll meet normal people with a certain unique character about them. – Stuart




  • Like Grindr, Scruff is the best free hookup apps for iPhone platforms specifically meant for gay men
  • It offers updates on the latest gay events, user forums, and blogs, as well as a unique travel feature
  • The app also encourages users to volunteer as city ambassadors.


  • Free subscribers face a lot of unwanted pop-ups and ads.

App Description

People view Scruff as the place for hairy men. Contrary to this, Scruff is open to all lonely single men looking for the best hookup. With more than 15 million active subscribers from across the world, only Grindr surpasses it in popularity.

Similar to Grindr, it uses a geolocation system to get profiles and offers free user services. You will only have to pay around $12 to $100 to become a premium member and enjoy a host of its other exciting features. Most importantly, it has a strict user policy to protect the identity of all its members.

Now, what’s quite interesting about Scruff is that it allows users to find a variety of queer events in their area. According to many users, this particular feature makes Scruff a reliable and trusted sex and dating app. Most importantly, here, gay men can meet up in a safe space before connecting in their real lives.

User Review

Now, here is an app that is good for gay men. It has impressive features which make it a trusted and reliable dating platform. It is a place where gay men can find each other and interact in safe, non-judgmental place. That said, many of the profiles pictures are not attractive. I felt that many of the guys here are out of shape and not as muscular as mentioned in many article reviews. – Liam




  • Comes with a quick sign-up process
  • Tinder is also easy to use and a fun place to meet new people
  • You can log in and swipe whenever you want.


  • To optimize your chances of getting a good hookup or match, you have to swipe daily
  • High chances of getting stood up by girls or guys who only pretend to be interested in you.

App Description

Since it was launched back in 2012, today, Tinder is one of the best iOS hookup apps. With over ten million daily active users, Tinder is an ideal online dating platform. Although ideally built to help singles find long-term relationships, research now shows that Tinder has at least 52% of subscribers looking for a one-night stand sort of relationship.

Like most other iOS hookup apps, it also uses a geolocation system to look for potential matches. You can swipe left if you reject a profile and right if you like it. However, it is only when you find a match that you can start chatting. It also comes with a couple of payment packages ranging from $19.99 to $29.99, which is fairly cheap compared to other dating services.

That said, a majority of users have expressed their concerns over its weak security features. For instance, back in 2018, the app was found to lack basic encryption features. Shockingly, by the start of 2020, the app went through a serious breach in its user data where over 70,000 pictures of women were shared online illegally.

User Review

Tinder is probably my best pick from this list. It is ideal for those looking for love and a no-strings attached relationship. Although it has one or two fake profiles, many of the matches I found were mature, attractive and interesting ladies. Just state what you’re looking on your user profile and wait for the app to connect you with a nearby match from the profiles you’ll like. – Elam




  • The app is relatively anonymous and a fantastic way to start exploring your sexual preferences and kinks
  • Using this local hookup app iPhone service, you even link profiles with your hookup or partner
  • It also has a clean and intuitive user interface.


  • Has a small group of active subscribers compared to other popular dating apps such as Tinder.
  • Of the few matches you’ll get, managing to meet can be a difficult ordeal
  • Users have also complained of being logged out and missing out on crucial match notifications.

App Description

Originally, this iPhone hookup app was first introduced as the “Tinder for threesomes.” It was later rebranded following a lawsuit filed by Tinder. Its first services were purely mean for threesome hookups. Recently, it has become a reliable platform for short-term, casual relationships with at least 18 sexual identities to pick from.

Therefore, Feeld welcomes singles and couples from across the sexual spectrum, and to prevent the entry of bots, it uses Facebook to verify users. Besides, Feeld allows you to hide profiles from your family members and friends who may be using the app for security purposes.

It is worth noting that this one of the best hookup app iPhone platforms with over 500,000 active users signing up every week. As such, it uses a geolocation system to look for different matches. However, it is different from other dating apps as it permits users to register using an alias. So, if you want to keep your activities discrete, an alias will give you more safety and comfort as you scroll through.

Lastly, the Feeld is one of the top hookup apps for iPhone as it offers two affordable membership subscriptions of only $8.00 per month. Despite this, upon going through a couple of user reviews, we can clearly say that there is no need to pay for the app’s majestic membership subscription. Why? Well, you can still enjoy a vast range of its exciting features while still using the free version.

User Review

Feeld is a fantastic app where anyone can meet a wonderful, open minded person. The community is relatively small making it better for people to pay attention to each other. I found that here, there are no ‘throw away’ matches like in other applications. – Josephine




  • This is one of the best iOS hookup apps as it shows potential matches every time without delay
  • It encourages quick, on-the-spot sexual conversations and encounters while providing above-average safety and security features
  • Your anonymity is guaranteed, thanks to its disappearing profile feature.


  • Users have voiced their dissatisfaction over the app’s payment system. For instance, before accessing its services, you will need to provide your credit card details, even for its free version.
  • Another disadvantage is the time-limitation factor which means that this iOS hookup app has only a handful of active subscribers.

App Description

This is one of the top hookup app iPhone services designed to help lonely singles of all ages looking for a quick fling. It is entirely focused on getting you the ideal hookup as per your specifications. To protect your privacy, it removes your user profile every 60 minutes.

Pure is one of the best sex hookup apps for iphone that maintains the discretion of its users while still encouraging them to stay active and find what they were searching for. You can easily restore your profile, so you won’t have to create a new one. Similarly, like most other hookup online dating services, it uses the geolocation matching system in sourcing profiles.

Once it finds a match, you only have a limited amount of time to impress your potential hookup. Immediately one hour passes, your profile will automatically disappear, erasing any evidence of your prior activities or interactions. That said, male subscribers of PURE are not happy with the payment process. Reviews show that while women enjoy free membership features, men have to pay to view their profile photos.

User Review

PURE offers a simple promise and fulfills it without any trouble. However, the success of its matches depends on your location. If you are from a big city, the app will only waste your money and time. Still, it is the only dating service offering a total simplicity, making it one of the best for finding a hookup. – Lydia




  • You can get an exciting one-night stand. It is purely not for dating but casual, naughty flings.
  • TapDat is a community filled with liberated individuals searching for a mutually satisfactory hookup based on transparency and openness.


  • TapDat has a small pool of active subscribers. This makes it difficult to land a hookup quickly.
  • Besides, it is favorable for only United Kingdom users.

App Description

This is one of the cheekiest casual hookup app iPhone services you will find out there today. It is an app that caters to and knows what its users are looking for: a one-night stand, non-committal relationship. It uses a geolocation system like most other ios hookup apps on this list, where you swipe right or left to show interest.

As it encourages action, TapDat offers three days for you to reach out to your potential match before the conversation locks. It will also connect you with people of similar sexual desires or interests and is especially ideal for those looking for a cheeky and naughty fun time.

User Review

While there are not many TapDat users those already using the app feel it is a safe and fun place for finding casual sex. I did not feel ashamed stating my desires and what I wanted out of sex. Unlike other iOS hookup platforms on this list, TapDat encouraged me to be kind, responsible and to have fun! – Ephy

DOWN Dating



  • This is one of the top hookup apps iPhone platforms with a clean and intuitive interface
  • It also feels trustworthy and secure for all users
  • The app is properly built and quick in getting you a suitable partner.


  • To sign up on this sex hookup apps iPhone service, you will need to have a Facebook account
  • Users have complained of its intrusive, constant ads that are common in its free version.

App Description

Linked using a Facebook account, DOWN dating is similar to other hookup apps iPhone services on this list. However, the only difference is that when swiping, you are only provided with three options. Also, to subscribe for a paid membership, you will need to pay a monthly fee of around $19.99 every month, which is a fair amount compared to its competitors.

Although DOWN is a credible and legitimate app, it does not have an active base of users. It, therefore, means that while you may land yourself a suitable match. Often, these are people who are no longer using the app.

User Review

Although it is not as popular as other iOS hookup apps, Down Dating is a legitimate online dating service. Although I am still yet to find a match on the app, it is mainly because of the lack of active subscribers and not that the app is a scam. So, if you’re looking for a quick or instant hookup, Down Dating might not be the best option. – Ted


Is My Online Activity Safe When using iOS Hookup Apps?

Dating websites and apps have given lonely singles a convenient method of connecting with new people. However, you’ll need to choose the dating service that is highly secure. It should keep your identity safe and discrete as you interact online with strangers. Make sure you go through the privacy and security measures of your desired dating app before subscribing.

Are there Any Free iOS Hookup Apps?

The hookup culture continues to be a highly preferred method of interaction among singles across the world. Today, downloading a dating app is completely free. That said, with many applications out there, it is crucial to get the one with the best payment package. Unfortunately, while many of these hookup claim to offer free services, users have to pay to enjoy the premium features.

How Can I Choose the Best iOS Hookup Apps?

Choose the one with new features like video meetups and security checks. Free versions are also recommendable as they give you insights on how the app operates. A good app should also have a reasonable and affordable payment package. Additionally, it should follow all safety and security regulations.

How Different Are iOS Hookup Apps from Other Normal Dating Apps?

The standard dating apps offer both short and long-term relationship partners. On the other hand, hookup apps are specifically meant for those looking for casual one-night stand relationships. Unlike the standard dating services, hookup apps will not help you if you’re searching for your soul mate. In any case, you’ll only get your heart broken.

How Can I Find iOS Hookup Apps in My Location?

Getting the best hookup app can be quite a strenuous process. From fraudulent sites, those filled with ads to the costly ones, finding the most suitable one might take a good chunk of time. Luckily, some of the best hookup apps like Tinder and Happn are only one click away. Download them on your iPhone from the app store at no fee and enjoy their awesome rewards.

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