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Top 11 Married Hookup Apps – Our List!

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Did you know that married people also have their hookup apps? Well, there are many reasons as to why a couple would want to have hookups. For some, it’s a matter of spicing up their bedroom affairs and getting in that neutral person to make things happen under the sheets!

But for some, it’s a case of getting an affair! Yes! As wrong as it might sound, there are married hookup apps for that. Some people have open marriages where sleeping with other people is allowed. Provided you don’t jeopardize the health of your partner or the state of your relationship.

Some relationships respect the ethnic non-monogamy policies. The partners commit themselves to the relationship, but there is an open door for dating other people. With that said, it is only fair if you get someone who understands the whole concept and one that can stick to their lane without expecting much from you.

That’s where hookup apps for married people come in.

Want to use Married Hookup Apps? Here is What You Have to Know!

If you’re up to the idea of introducing another party to your relationship, there are several things that you need to know about the best apps for married people. The priority rules are keeping your relationship in check, respecting your marriage, and ensuring your affair does not affect your partner.

In addition, the good thing about the best free married hookup apps is that users are understanding. Most of them, at least, know their role in the relationship and keep things as discreet as possible. But what is the need for all this education if it doesn’t lead somewhere?

We researched the different platforms available and lined up the best married hookup apps for you! Follow up to find out more.

The List of Best Married Hookup Apps

The list of the apps to meet married women include;

  1. Ashley Madison
  2. Seeking Arrangement
  3. Heated Affairs
  4. Hush Affairs
  5. Adult Friend Finder
  6. Victoria Milan
  7. Illicit Encounters
  8. Gleeden
  9. Signal
  10. Older Women Dating
  11. Marital Affair

Ashley Madison


Ashley Madison is always the best-rated married hookup app. It should be your first step on how to meet married women. Even though other apps emerged, later on, Ashley Madison was the pioneer for the idea of dating married women and make it mainstream.


  • High chances of landing a match
  • Easy to sign up and set up a profile
  • Many users.


  • A past security breach
  • Expensive VIP subscriptions.


Some of the selling factors that make Ashley Madison an excellent choice include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is accessible to different groups. There are men, sugar babies, and now an increasing number of married women. It is a global website, also making it ideal for users all over the world.
  2. The number of users – The app hosts a lot of users to its belt. This increases the chances of landing a match.
  3. Pricing – The prices of premium subscriptions are pretty affordable, with prices ranging from USD 54.99 to USD 249.99.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The site has an excellent interface that has seen improvements over the years. The design is integrated with a good form and a grand color scheme which makes usability better. These pages are also well accessible, which improves navigation.
  5. Privacy and security – Despite experiencing a security breach some years back, the app came back stronger and improved users’ Privacy and security measures.

User Review

“Quick and discreet. It would be best if you had patience and know-how to read out the good from the bad.” – Mike Montana

Seeking Arrangement


Seeking Arrangement is the best app for wealthy men. It is an ideal app – where to meet married women. The users are young and attractive married women and plenty of sugar daddies. If you plan to get the app, you have to be ready to splash in some cash—lots of it, for that matter.


  • An impressive high success rate
  • There are plenty of sugar babes
  • The simple and fast registration process.


  • Most of the features require paid for subscriptions
  • The premium packages are expensive.


The features that make the platform have good ratings include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – This app is for the rich guys! It is best suited for the married men looking to use their money on sugar babes. It is accessible and easy to sign up.
  2. The number of users – There are plenty of users. A majority of them are sugar babes, which is the reason why the success rate is high.
  3. Pricing – The prices of VIPs are affordable. Women on the site use the feature for free, but men have to pay USD 90 per month to access communication.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app has a modern interface with an excellent design it. The navigation and usability are simplified as all features are easily accessible.
  5. Privacy and security – The app protect the data of its users and the activity on the site.

User Review

“Love this app! I have had major success with this app. Very easy to use and self-explanatory. Wish I had found this sooner!” – Melissa Garcia

Heated Affairs


Heated affairs are for partners looking to spice things up in their relationship. The platform is all about wild and passionate flings. It is the best website for passionate encounters. It also happens to be the world’s most significant affairs website making it the best place to meet married women.


  • A broad user database
  • The app involves adult chats
  • Multiple communication means.


  • Limited free subscription features.


The features that make heated affairs the go-to destination to meet married women include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The platform is accessible to people all over the world. It is ideal for anyone looking to spice up their relationship. The site has multiple features that make it suitable for ordinary people.
  2. The number of users – The user database is broad. There are about 48 million users, which increases the chance of finding someone to have an affair with.
  3. Pricing – The app has a relatively affordable pricing strategy, with VIP packages going from USD 40.
  4. Interface and overall usability – It has an excellent interface that’s competitive compared to other sites. It also incorporates a good design and well-cultivated features. The general usability is outstanding and straightforward.
  5. Privacy and security – Privacy and security are a priority on the site. All users’ information is secured on the app’s database.

User Review

“App works fine. Found some great friend and contacts.” – Steph Hill

Hush Affairs


Hush affairs are the best app to get a secretive affair. It’s for people seeking discreet affairs from their partners. There are exciting features that make your experience interesting as everything remains hush-hush. It’s the best place to meet married women without anyone knowing about it.


  • The relationships are secretive
  • Sign up process is fast
  • Searching for users is free.


  • Communication features are paid for
  • Presence of fake profiles
  • Zero verification features.


Some of the selling factors of Hush Affairs include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is accessible to users all over the world. It is easy to get an account and start browsing for your ideal match. However, you’ll have to pay to communicate with your search results.
  2. The number of users – The site has many users, which provides alternatives for users. It also increases the chance to land a match.
  3. Pricing – There’s a premium subscription that gives access to additional features.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The site’s design is somewhat outdated, although the usability makes up for it. The pages are easily accessible, and navigation is simplified with clear instructions.
  5. Privacy and security – The site doesn’t have a verification process. It would help if you exercised extra care to avoid any scam encounters. Ensure you don’t share any personal or financial information with anyone on the site.

User Review

“Extremely useful for meeting and having casual encounters.” – Joshua Staton

Adult Friend Finder


Adult Friend Finder is ideal for extramarital affairs and the best way to meet married women. It’s for all types of casual dating, including swingers and threesomes. You don’t have to wait for the app to send matches to you. You only have to search and browse multiple profiles in a view to get your best match.


  • Open-minded users
  • Wide user base
  • Simple matching strategy
  • Easy signup process.


  • Limited free subscription features.


Some of the fantastic features about Adult Friend Finder include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app hosts users with multiple wild fantasies. You get numerous open-minded individuals willing to act upon your dreams or introduce you to new practices. It’s also a global platform, so there are varieties of individuals.
  2. The number of users – Many users are on the site, making it easier to land a match after thorough searching.
  3. Pricing – The pricing is fair for VIP subscriptions. However, you have to subscribe to enjoy other features.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The design used in developing the app are modern and exciting. All the features are well-structured and made accessible, which increases the usability rate.
  5. Privacy and security – The app secure the information of all activities on the app. Users don’t have to worry about the leakage of their data.

User Review

“I like your site, and I think it will help me to find the best women in my life so far, the best site I ever get” – Solomon Djaba

Victoria Milan


Victoria Milan is well known for its privacy measures. You can meet married women free on the app as there are a good number of users. It allows users to secure their information by blurring their images to any anonymous members. The app also doesn’t ask for your personal information upon registration which makes it secure.


  • High-security measures
  • Granted control to users
  • Easy signup procedure.


  • Limited signup options
  • Limited basic membership features.


Some of the features that make Victoria Milan an excellent choice to meet married women include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is accessible for users looking for a secured platform to get their extramarital affairs. It is globally accessible, so members from different locations can sign up and look for their ideal affair.
  2. The number of users – There are about 6 million users on the platform.
  3. Pricing – The prices of VIP subscriptions are affordable to many users, making accessing additional features more accessible.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app’s design is outdated as it’s not that pleasing to the eyes. However, the usability is better as you can navigate the website at ease.
  5. Privacy and security – The site’s security is questionable as there’s no straightforward way of verifying accounts. However, the app maintains the confidentiality of the members.

User Review

“I give 5 stars because I am so thankful that I found true love here. I am thrilled with the man who appreciates me. Thanks to this Victoria Milan dating app.” – Levi Ransbarger

Illicit Encounters


Illicit encounter is a UK-based app that will help you meet local married women. It is ideal for people who traveled to the UK and are looking for casual sex outside marriage while on the trip. There are open-minded users on the platform, which provides an excellent general atmosphere. The app has been operational for 20 years now, which gathers more experience and success stories.


  • A specific target audience
  • It’s easier to find a match
  • Good men to women ratio
  • Easy to join and set up a profile.


  • Limited location
  • Limited free features.


Some of the fantastic factors about Illicit Encounters include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The site is accessible to people in the UK only. However, you can still be part of the site if you travel to the country for business or leisure. It’s in English so that you can understand everything going on the site.
  2. The number of users – There are many numbers considering it’s only based in a single country. You can always find a match.
  3. Pricing – The pricing is high for premium subscriptions with monthly charges starting from 149 pounds.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app’s design has been updated to a modern look giving it a good interface. There is easy usability, and navigation around the site is simplified.
  5. Privacy and security – The confidentiality of members’ information is well-preserved, and there’s a security measure to keep all app activity discreet.

User Review

“Very simple, easy, and affordable. Costs me less money than other apps, all for adult hookups and one-night stands, such as Hinge and Meetme. I prefer this one to them.” – Mughal Moueen



Gleeden is the app for discreet dating for women. It is a unique app to meet married women online and enjoy all sorts of ideas on their minds. The platform was created by women and for women. It is there to address the needs of these married women as they seek to explore their fantasies with listed members. It addresses both long-term flings and casual sex for women.


  • It addresses women’s needs
  • Easy to sign up and use
  • Large number of women
  • Very secure
  • User moderation
  • Free for women.


  • Men have to buy credits for communication.


Some interesting features about Gleeden include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is accessible to multiple people, although it’s centered on women. The women get to express their different marital needs as they can freely use the feature on the site.
  2. The number of users – there are many users on the site, with the majority being women. It makes interaction easier as men don’t have to worry about finding women.
  3. Pricing – There’s a purchase of credits for men. This is to trigger any form of conversation with the women from the site.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app’s design is of good quality as all features are well structured and placed.
  5. Privacy and security – The app values the privacy of its members. All information is well protected, and no leakage can happen. Moreover, other features include leaving the images blurry to anonymous members.

User Review

“Finally a useful app for someone who is looking for a fun . Thanks Gleeden” – Aashna



Signal is a slightly different app on the married people atmosphere. It’s not among the best places to meet married women, but it is for the people already facilitating an affair. The app is meant to hide your experience. That’s right! Ensure that all your communications and engagements are kept a secret to avoid the word that you’re cheating.


  • Excellent security features
  • Easy to sign up and use
  • Reliable encryption
  • No fees involved.


  • It doesn’t always help you meet married women.


The following features can characterize Signal;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is accessible to everyone – for free. You can download it and begin using it to keep your affair a secret. It is easy to sign up and use, so you don’t have to worry about complicated processes.
  2. The number of users – Many users on the platform, although you don’t get to interact with them. They individually have their affairs.
  3. Pricing – There are no fees involved on the site as getting it and using it’s free.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The design of the app is effortless. It also syncs well with many device systems to keep the texts and calls hidden as you continue running your affair.
  5. Privacy and security – The app is very secure and involves reliable encryption that keeps all your data as secret as possible.

User Review

“I like that it does what it says it does. The only problem is that it does not allow multiple photos, and very low pixel photos can only be sent. Other than that, it’s a great app!” – Sam Dickens.

Older Women Dating


Older Women Dating is an ideal site for women looking for an affair. There are multiple features to enjoy, and the premium subscription is affordable for members. The site is quite simple, and like-minded individuals make it more fun.


  • Good team for support service
  • Easy to use
  • Signing up is free
  • Premium subscription is cost-effective
  • FAQs pages are helpful.


  • Communication is only available to premium members
  • Not very many users compared to other sites.


Other Older Women Dating features are

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The site is available to users from different parts of the world. As long as you are of age, you can quickly join and find your match.
  2. The number of users – There are approximately 1.8 million users on the website.
  3. Pricing – Several premium packages charge $30 a month, $60 for three months, and $100 for six months.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The site has a user-friendly interface.
  5. Privacy and security – There are strict security measures on the site to ensure all members are safe.
  6. Users review – The site has a rating of 9.6/10

User Review

I’m just going over their policies and this app seems really good. I only have one other app to compare it too, but this policy is really really good. Going to assume that it’s strictly enforced. Looking forward to finding friends. – Nally Salmon

Marital Affairs

Marital Affairs is among the best affair dating app out there. It offers the user the opportunity to enjoy casual flings. Although it is not well-known, it gets a lot of adoration from its users. You will find women willing to put the time and energy into an affair and those with honest intentions. It is a better alternative for people who doubt the more -recognized platforms for scamming purposes.


  • Trustworthy users
  • Easy to sign up and use
  • Good features.


  • Lack of basic privacy standards
  • Limited basic features.


Some of the features of Marital Affairs include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is available and accessible to anyone. It is easy to download and set up a profile. It is globally accessible, which increases the chances of getting an affair.
  2. The number of users – There are many users on the site, which is a good catch.
  3. Pricing – The prices of the VIP subscriptions are pretty affordable, although you will need one to access some features.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The design and interface of the app are simple and dependable. It makes it easy for users to navigate from page to page as they enjoy that app’s features.
  5. Privacy and security – The app is secured as the information of users and their activity on the platform is well-stored on the database.

User Review

“Fantastic great app if you don’t have it is a must have for singles.” – Daniel


Is It Safe to Use Married Hookup Apps?

It is safe to use married hookup apps as long as you do a proper background check on them. Some have a history of leaking information to users, while others are renowned for their excellent security features.

Which Married Hookup Apps are Free?

All married hookup apps have a free basic subscription for all new users. However, you will have to get a premium subscription to access particular features on the platforms.

How to Choose Married Hookup Apps?

The right way to choose hookup apps for married people is to consider their features. Do they have excellent communication features? What is the pricing of the premium packages? How does the design look? And so much more.

Are Married Hookup Apps Different from Typical Dating Apps?

Married hookup apps are very different from typical dating apps. The standard apps are for individuals looking for friendships or people to have a relationship with. Many users are looking for love. On the other hand, users of married hookup apps are looking for casual sex or flings outside their marriages.

How to Find Married Hookup Apps Near Me?

The best way to meet local married women near you is to sign up on a platform that gives access to users in your local area.

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