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Top 7 Teen Hookup Apps – Our List!

Many teenagers are embracing the idea of online dating as the millennial era calls for the digitization of many functionalities. As a result, many developers have created teen hookup apps that allow these young folks to meet and interact with their peers. Potentially, get a partner from there!

There are mixed reactions by parents, guardians, teachers, and society on the content and intent of these teenage hookup sites. Some criticize them while a group appreciates the contribution made for the ‘new approach to dating.’ With uncertainty flooding the internet space, this article will present detailed information about the subject matter. It’ll be done by reviewing the best teen hookup apps so that you to get an in-depth understanding of what goes around these apps.

There is a need to address issues like security, communication options, the atmosphere in the apps, and the purpose of these platforms. Furthermore, parents and guardians will have a clear picture of why your child smiles for their phones or is constantly glued (if that’s the reason) to their screens. So, let’s hop right in and check out what you need to know.

Want to Use Teen Hookup Apps? Here is What You Have to Know!

We can never match up the kind of influence hookup apps have on society. Hundreds, thousands, probably hundreds of thousands out there are leading successful marriages due to hookup apps. But how much do you know about these communication tools?

Like any other social media platform, teen hookup apps offer interaction specifically for teenagers. They have easy-to-use features, engaging communication means, qualifications for joining the apps, and so on. In addition, there are limited functionalities that each app sets to limit the extent of the interactions because of the age group involved.

When choosing which one to join, you have to look at several things that qualify your selection as the best possible app to use. Does it allow access to ordinary people? How many users are on the app? What’s their pricing strategy, and what can you enjoy on premium subscriptions? What are the app’s usability, and security & privacy features? And most importantly, what do people say about the app?

The List of Best Teen Hookup Apps

Considering several factors, we’ve lined up our picks for the best teen hookup apps. Our list comprises of;

  • Happn
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Coffee Meets Bagel
  • Skout
  • Yubo
  • MyLOL.



Happn is among the best teen hookup apps that help you meet up with people you’ve crossed paths with. It was created in 2014 and took a different approach in the online dating arena. You meet people when walking down the streets, at work, sitting at a bar, or during a night out. Some of them leave a lasting impression on you.

Happn helps you find these people you’ve crossed paths with. Many people find their particular person when they least expect and with happn, you can connect with people already part of your routine. So what are the upsides and downsides of happn?


  • It combines the experiences of online dating with real-life routines
  • It considers the distance of matches (about up to 850 feet away)
  • You get notified if another user crosses paths with you for direct communication
  • You get to enjoy real-life conversations with a match
  • It directly engages real-time dates since you meet matches in person
  • There is an age restriction to avoid meeting creepy people
  • Multiple communication options. You can send messages, GIFs, videos, images, and much more to your crush. Video call is also available
  • You can chat with your crush before meeting up which makes it ideal in terms of security.
  • There are plenty of users, and you can go through profiles like others. A mutual feeling is declared a crush!
  • It’s easy to register for an account and use it. It gives you an optional alternative to connect with your Facebook account
  • It has great prevention and moderation for bot accounts
  • The app is free to use, although there are paid for options
  • There are options to buy particular features without signing in for premium membership.


  • It is limited to distance
  • The matches are random, so you can meet people you aren’t interested in
  • It’s not well-known by many people
  • Matching is not based on personality or compatibility
  • The most interesting features are paid for.


Several features make Happn outstanding. Some of them include;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The platform is accessible to everyone as long as you have a device and a good internet connection. You can either use it via the website version or get the app from Google Play or Apple Store, with a 4-star rating. It’s an 18+ teenage hookup platform.
  • The number of users – There are many users available on the platform. To make things even better, it is a global platform so that you can get your crush from any part of the world. It is also accessible in 23 different languages, which makes it ideal for users from other countries.
  • Pricing – There are premium subscriptions where you can pay for particular features or get a premium membership.
  • Interface and overall usability – The app is easy to use and navigate. It has good features, alignment, fonts, color synchrony, and simple instructions.
  • Privacy and security – Happn doesn’t share your information with any third party. It also allows you to report any suspicious accounts. The app also terminates any bot accounts.

User Review

“I just think it’s really great that this app supports the “family sharing” ability. I’ve been looking for this level of inclusivity for some time now.” – Mystikyle



Tinder is probably the most popular teen hookup app known. Tinder helps you explore your passions, connect with users globally, and date safer face to face. Tinder also offers profile verification, matches at your fingertip, and many users who could be your potential match.

Tinder is well known and recognized all over the world. It’s efficient and productive in making other singles meet and begin their love stories. However, subscriptions are relatively expensive compared to other sites, and that’s about some of the downsides. So what are the pros and cons of Tinder?


  • It has a modern and simple interface
  • The basic membership is free
  • It works through swiping, which is an interesting and addictive feature
  • The platform offers video chat
  • It’s among the top teen gay hookup apps.


  • Tinder is more of a hookup app than one which is directed towards relationships
  • Most of the interesting features are paid for
  • High premium subscription charges.


There are some exciting features of Tinder that make it among the top teen gay hookup apps. Some of these features include;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is free to download and use on a basic subscription. It is accessible to persons over 18 years old, and it’s more of a hookup app.
  • The number of users – The app has attracted interest to millions of people globally. This fact makes it ideal for getting matches from the multiple options available. All you have to do is swipe!
  • Pricing – The prices for premium subscriptions are relatively high compared to other apps. It makes it an inconvenience to many users as the best features are found in the paid-for subscriptions. The subscription tiers are Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.
  • Interface and overall usability – The app is easy to use with a modern interface and an overall good design. An enabled easy navigation system makes it ideal to go from page to page at ease.
  • Privacy and security – Tinder protects the interest of its members by offering multiple security features such as an algorithm to store data and a database that doesn’t lead users’ information.

User Review

“Meeting people is up to me. I like how when you match you can move forward. The only thing is inconsistencies with paying banks give me hard time.” – Sam Sarson



Bumble is a platform that allows you to meet people in your area. It is split into three categories that will enable you to interact with people depending on the kind of intent. Bumble Date is for those looking for a partner, Bumble Bizz for career opportunities, and Bumble BFF for expanding your social network.

Surprisingly, in Bumble Date, women are the ones who make the first move. This is unusual compared to other teen hookup apps. The change of dynamics is what makes the app exciting and popular among teenagers. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of using Bumble?


  • The app has excellent privacy and safety features
  • Robust free version
  • An inclusive and fun interface
  • It offers video chat.


  • The profiles are not that detailed
  • Unnecessary business-networking and friend-finder options.


Several characteristics qualify Bumble to be among the best free teen hookup apps. These features include;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The app has an essential subscription that is freely accessible to every new member. The sign-up process is fast and straightforward, making it easier to head directly to interact with other members.
  • The number of users – There are many Bumble users, which makes the app ideal for interactions. There are global users, so you can get a match from wherever you are located.
  • Pricing – The premium subscriptions are pretty expensive, with the least one starting from $24.99 per month.
  • Interface and overall usability – The app has a well-defined and quality interface that makes it easy to use. The navigation is also simple, and it offers fair usability altogether.
  • Privacy and security – Among the primary goals of the app are to scrap off cat-fishing, which plays a significant role in discouraging online dating. Protection of private data and eradication of any fake accounts are among the significant steps for security.

User Review

“I’ve been on the app using the BFF mode and after 2 days I’ve already met up with someone at a bar and had a fun time. Works as intended. I haven’t even subscribed to premium mode or anything.” – Michael Cordon

Coffee Meets Bagel


Coffee Meets Bagel is one unique teenage hookup platform. It has an exciting story about how it came to be as a group of sisters used their personal experience to improve dating. Well, here’s a bit about it. So, according to the stats, there’s about 64% of men and 36% of women on online dating apps. Records also show that 85% of the daily active members are men, with women only making 15%. So the entire idea on Coffee Meets Bagel came with the feedback from what women want in dating, and that’s precisely what they are served.

The app gives recommendations to the ladies of men who are potential matches to them. You then go out with whomever you choose and, voila, end up with your soulmate! It’s unique since the app developers play a crucial role in ensuring women only get recommendations of the ‘good guys.’ So what are the upsides and downsides of this app?


  • Users enjoy fewer matches and messages. The only ones they receive are personalized from interested parties.
  • There are more women than men on the appreciates.
  • It’s less tiresome as you don’t need to go through multiple profiles to find what you are looking for
  • Premium membership offers more interesting features


  • There is a daily limit for matches
  • The match-suggestion process is not sophisticated
  • The app is not as popular as the leading ones.


Some of the characteristics that make Coffee and Bagel an ideal teen hookup app include;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The app offers a basic membership that is free to all users. There is a fast and easy sign-up process that gives instant membership. The app is also accessible in Google Play and Apple Store so that you can access it on all devices.
  • The number of users – The app isn’t as popular, so it doesn’t have many users.
  • Pricing – A premium subscription is offered in packages of one, two, and three months. The 6-month one is more affordable compared to the one-month one—it open doors to multiple features on the app.
  • Interface and overall usability – The app has a modern interface that makes it ideal for young people who make up 70% of the total members of the app. In addition, it is easy to use and navigate through the app.
  • Privacy and security – The site have the basic security features of protecting the users’ information and their conversations with the matches.

User Review

“Seems pretty good so far. Just getting started. The layout is pretty simple, not complicated.” – Cindy Lafleur



Skout is among the best teen hookup apps. It allows you to sign in using different means such as Facebook, Google, Apple, or Mobile. The app promotes community-building, and it has a young user base of 13 years plus. It has an easy and fast setup with only a few things required for a profile.

It has exciting features such as “Blind Date” that makes you meet random people on the platform. It is a global hookup app, although most users are the US, Australia, and Taiwan. The platform offers opportunities for friendships, relationships, and community building. So what are the pros and cons of this app?


  • The site is easy to sign-up and use
  • Members are active
  • There is a free membership with multiple features
  • Most users are young.


  • The free version is full of ads
  • Liking and commenting on photos is free
  • The interface can be overwhelming at times.


Some of the features that make Skout a choice for many people include;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is very accessible using different sign-in options. You can create your profile in a minute and start interacting with other users.
  • The number of users – The app has many users from the US, Taiwan, and Australia, with others from different parts of the world making the other remaining percentage. There are many monthly active members as well.
  • Pricing – The premium subscriptions are relatively affordable compared to other platforms. They help unlock additional features.
  • Interface and overall usability – The interface is overwhelming as a lot is going on. That makes it quite challenging to find your way around it.
  • Privacy and security – The privacy features are basic but just enough. There are few scamming cases reported.

User Review

“It’s a good app, lots of fun with people, live videos that prove real people, one nice is the way it guides users and advises users not to fall on bad users. Best app.” – Elvenua Mundi



Yubo is the ideal teen hookup app to go for. It’s anti-boring which is precisely what the young folks are looking for. It is a live streaming app that’s fun. It offers chats and games too as a way to keep the members more active.

It’s a global platform that links you up with people of the same interest. It was previously called Yellow before the name changed to Yubo. With many features for teenagers, let’s look at the different advantages and disadvantages of using Yubo.


  • You can register using a mobile number
  • It’s interesting and fun
  • Most users are teenagers
  • Swiping feature is available
  • Account verification is required.


  • Live stream evades location access
  • Age restriction is not that strict.


Some of the features in Yubo include;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is free to access, and there are few requirements to join the platform. Teens as young as 17 years can join and interact with other people.
  • The number of users – Multiple young members in the app, makes it a good hub for teenagers to interact.
  • Pricing – There’s a premium subscription that’s affordable to many.
  • Interface and overall usability – The design is simple and good enough for members. The interface is modern and fun. There are simple features that make usability better.
  • Privacy and security – Some of the security features of Yubo include auto-blocking of fake profiles, easy flagging of content and profiles, and the option to keep your location private. Suspensions and investigations of underage profiles and screening for nudity.

User Review

“Great group of people from all over and different backgrounds. Lots of good stuff to look at and read.” – Jeffrey Hites



MyLOL is an app available on Google Play and Apple Store. It’s among the teen hookup apps that focus on the target group. It’s a fun social platform to network with other teenagers. It’s free to register and use.

However, you can go through some features on the site without membership. You can check different profiles and see which one, in particular, is interesting to you. The sign-up process is simple as only a few things are required to join. Some of the pros and cons of the app include;


  • Free to join and use
  • Access to profiles without membership
  • Many users.


  • Few security regulations
  • Users need to exercise caution when meeting people since anybody can get on the site without registration.


Some of the features that make MyLOL a good platform includes;

  • Accessibility for ordinary people – The site is meant for teenagers as most of the members are young. It is easily accessible both as a member or a non-member. You can enjoy the free version, which has several features.
  • The number of users – The app has many users, most of who are teenagers. It’s ideal for young folks.
  • Pricing – There are premium subscriptions to enjoy more features.
  • Interface and overall usability – The app has an unappealing interface, although it’s easy to use. The design is not modern nor attractive.
  • Privacy and security – Few security features make it questionable. Personal privacy and security are highly recommended to avoid issues.

User Review

“Better. It’s alot better than it was but still a few issues. Still, I would highly recommend” – Jay Duke


Is It Safe to Use a Teen Hookup Apps?

It is safe as long as the app has security issues and protects your private information. However, there is a significant concern by parents and guardians on particular content shared on the platforms. Another critical issue is the concern of adult predators who are looking for teenagers to devour.

Which Teen Hookup Apps are Free?

All teen hookup apps are free to register and use. However, they do have premium memberships that need in-app purchases to access particular features.

How to Choose Teen Hookup Apps?

The best way to choose teen hookup apps is by considering specific features. Things such as privacy & safety, communication options, age restrictions, and content displayed are significant issues to be addressed.

Are Teen Hookup Apps Different from Typical Dating Apps?

There is a thin line between teen hookup apps and typical dating apps. The former has a younger audience, while the latter is a more mature group. However, some of the content shared in typical dating apps might be inappropriate if presented in teen hookup apps.

How to Find Teen Hookup Apps Near Me?

Most teen hookup apps have members globally, and those are the best to opt for. Don’t consider the location more than your safety and accessibility of features.

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