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Best Hookup Apps in 2023 – Our Top 10 Ranking!

The online dating scene has gone beyond websites alone, as platforms have started publishing apps that provide 24/7 connectivity in most cases. The adult hookups apps make sure that they are present on the top mobile operating systems. So users do not need to wait for the next moment they will receive from accessing the desktop. It needs to be clear that they do not charge much in return for the kind of dating convenience that these platforms offer. It should ensure a positive dating experience for everyone concerned.

Best Hookups Apps – Here Is Our List

The proliferation of casual dating apps is tremendous over the last few years. If users are pretty keen on choosing the best option in the segment, they are better off going with anyone from this list:

Name Best For
FlirtHookup Best for casual hookup
Jaumo Best for communication
Hi5 Best for meeting new people
Woosa Best for USA hook-ups
OMGChat Best for free chatting
Connexion Best for long relationships
Cybermen Best for gay chatting
Only Lads Best for bisexual and gay individuals
Koko App Best for online dating and flirting
Interracial Dating Central Best for meeting people of different ethnicity

How Do We Evaluate?

We have considered certain factors for evaluating the best options in the segment. The top 6 criteria are:

Accessibility For Ordinary People

The usability for ordinary people may not figure high in the ranking for adult dating apps, but it is easy to be mistaken thinking the same. There is now greater simplicity available in the apps and operating systems in general so that even older and ordinary individuals will have no trouble in going through the data. The process of getting the app should not be too difficult, as both app stores have been able to streamline their process over the last few years. Even if a user is facing difficulty accessing the App Store, there should also be enough options to sideload apps. In such an instance, casual dating apps will be able to score higher.

Number of Users

There is no fun in going through a database that has only a handful of users. The primary reason for downloading and signing up with adult dating apps would be to access a greater number of profiles. If a platform only has a user base of just over a couple of thousands, it would be a problem for real-life dating. Ideally, we picked platforms with a large user base in different parts of the world. Most of the numbers regarding the database size can be identified from public sources. We recommend apps with a huge user base so you could have enough options.


The common theme among hookup apps would be the lower volume of available features in the free section. Many do not provide more than a handful of features for free members when they sign up on a site. These features would be limited to viewing a certain number of profiles per day or sending winks. Even the basic features like texting can be locked. This makes a premium membership – and its prices – quite an important factor. The assessment is done for the value a particular platform provides in terms of the prices and the features offered.

Interface and Overall Usability

The importance of the interface and design is also considered, as that this is an era where web design has moved on to the next gear with many new technologies. Even the basic sites can boast of class-leading graphics and an easy interface so that members can get acquainted on the platform within a few minutes after signing up. The challenge for app designers would also come from the fact that the product will be running on phones and tablets with varying performance levels. Even then, the app has to work well under all scenarios. For example, someone using the app from a mid-range smartphone should have the same level of experience that the user of a high-end device.

Privacy and Security

It is difficult for every hookup app to prevent malicious profiles from signing up on the platform. However, it makes sense to look at sites with decent features designed to weed out such profiles from the platform. We would always ensure that a site has 128 bit or better encryption. This will mean that the content on the site is protected from prying eyes. The site should also carry enough warnings and recommendations about sharing private data.

Users Review

Reviews about online platforms can be found online. Rather than get information from friends, you can keep everything under the radar by using online reviews for getting information about the casual dating app. Knowing this data can help individuals find the right choice without even discussing it with someone.

10 Best Hookup Apps



FlirtHookup is a platform that began as a destination for teenagers and young individuals to look for hookup options. More than being a dating app, FlirtHookup manages to excel in this segment, and it is easily apparent from the large volume of youngsters looking for some fun. After being started in 2017, FlirtHookup has come a long way. It is now listed on the App Store and Play Store, where there have been numerous downloads.

The process of registration is very easy, but the user interface can involve a small learning curve. The user has to provide a decent degree of information so that FlirtHookup’s algorithm can work its magic and bring together two individuals from the same region. This algorithm is also one of the reasons why FlirtHookup is particularly popular in major cities like New York City. You can be sure that FlirtHookup is safe to use.


  • The site is popular;
  • It’s safe to use;
  • Local-based search.


  • No chat room, video chat and no forum;
  • No compatibility test;
  • You can’t contact a person without paying.

Prices are:

  • 1 month – 29.95 USD
  • 3 months – 59.94 USD
  • 6 months – 99.96 USD



Jaumo is an adult dating platform that has its origins in Germany. Founded in 2011, the platform now has about 30 million users who can appreciate the ease and convenience provided by this site, which almost acts as a social networking platform. Any user will have that additional bit of freedom that they would not get on a social networking site. This would allow them to share their fetishes, preferences, and content without the fear of being censored.

There are multiple ways to get connected with people on Jaumo. One can rely on the matchmaking system employed by the platform or view profiles on their own. Both can be quite effective due to the high quality of profiles though the registration process is quick and straightforward.


  • An extended user base;
  • A 7-day trial for free;
  • No judgment and censure.


  • Annoying ads;
  • Profile information is public by default;
  • There are some fake profiles.

Jaumo costs:

  • 1 month – 12.49 USD
  • 3 months – 24.99 USD
  • 12 months – 74.99 USD



Hi5 is a platform that began as a social network site for dating purposes. It is an interactive place where people who want to find partners sign up. Hi5 has been quite popular since the early 2000s, and it has steadily been bringing new products into the portfolio. One way to look at the app would be comprehensive, as it can be used for any kind of dating purpose including even friendship. The user will be able to build a network through groups, status updates, and more. In many ways, it is almost similar to Facebook regarding the level of interactive nature that it brings to the plate.

Hi5 has been very popular around the globe, and it has more than 40 million visitors every month. Every profile has a decent degree of detail that makes it ideal for more than just hookups.


  • A lot of features are free;
  • A huge member base;
  • There’s an email verification.


  • An outdated design;
  • It’s difficult to navigate;
  • Search filters are too basic.

The site will cost:

  • 1 month – 9.99 USD
  • 3 months – 20.97 USD
  • 6 months – 29.94 USD



Woosa is a great option for those who are into the world of serious relationships, but it can also be considered as one of the best free hookup apps. The idea behind this site is to establish a relationship between two people who appear to be very compatible – based on the information provided on the profile. The site has been around since 2013, and it has greater visibility amongst people in the United States of America. The process of registration on Woosa can be done in a few minutes. Once into the profile, users will be able to explore features like voice and video chat. Chatting is one of the site’s key features, which has a premium version.


  • Fast registration;
  • There’s a voice and video chat;
  • Safe and secured.


  • Interface is not really nice;
  • Not really for casual sex.

A premium version will cost:

  • 1 week – 8.00 USD
  • 1 month – 25.00 USD
  • 1 year – 250.00 USD
  • Lifetime – 500.00 USD



Many apps are being built for video chatting purposes, but OMGChat ranks as one of the best sex hookup apps in this category. It is a free site that works very well to connect two individuals who are located nearby. OMGChat has been able to enjoy success with this difference in matching policy. At the same time, one can also enter into any chat room of their preference and find people from different parts of the world if that is their interest. Rather than just be a place to find hookups, OMGChat works out very well as a destination that can help make friends.

Unlike a regular dating site, one may not find a lot of information on profiles. The chat room is moderated to a great extent so that unwanted members are thrown out immediately. A significant advantage of OMGChat is that it is entirely free.


  • A lot of features for communication;
  • There are people from different countries;
  • A fast registration.


  • The platform looks outdated.



Connexion is regarded as one of the best free hookup apps available for members trying to find hookups or love. It brings a modern twist to a familiar tale by mixing the matchmaking systems of the former years along with modern technology. The result is the availability of high-quality dates, while users will also be able to expect long-lasting connections on the platform as well. Connexion is not just a place for finding regular hookups, as even the quality of these matches also turns out to be quite excellent. The matchmaking process set up by Connexion allows users to search based on different criteria and show an interest in specific profiles. Only when a mutual match is established users can initiate a conversation.

Connexion has a verification process and you can choose who can see your profile to get more security. Also, you can block and report suspicious users.


  • There’s a verification;
  • A lot of ways to find a match;
  • Nica privacy functions.


  • No free features;
  • No unique features.

Prices for Connexion are:

  • 1 month – 11.99 USD
  • 3 months – 29.97 USD
  • 6 months – 47.94 USD
  • 12 months – 71.88 USD



Cybermen is a product from France, and this ranks as one of the best gay hookup apps around. It manages to provide access to more than 50,000 single members from the LGBT community daily. This results in a high success ratio for those who are trying to get dates and hookup opportunities.

The registration with a free membership does have enough features to keep anyone hooked, but using a paid membership also has its perks. Perhaps, the most significant advantage of going with a premium membership would be the elimination of ads. Since it is open on Play Store and App Store, Cybermen manages to hit a sweet spot with alarming ease. Even though the app manages to exceed as a chatting platform, Cybermen can also be accessed from a desktop for that added convenience.

Cybermen protects your data and cares for your security, so it’s safe to use.


  • An easy registration;
  • A high level of anonymity;
  • Most of the basic features are free.


  • Not really active users;
  • Prices are higher than on other sites;
  • There are some fakes.

A 1-month subscription will cost 9.49 USD.

Only Lads


Only Lads is another site that is focused on helping people find dating opportunities among the LGBT community. It can accept gay and bisexual individuals from across the world. With more than three million users, Only Lads has quickly grown into one of the top choices in the segment. After being introduced in 2012, Only Lads has come a long way, and it’s one of the professional options out there for members of the LGBT community. The site works as a social discovery stage where users can swipe across different profiles to pick their preferred choice.

The dating algorithms put up by Only Lads are quite excellent. It has a top interface that is uncluttered and straightforward. The presence of many different contact options makes it easy to break the ice.


  • 1-day premium membership for free;
  • You can find any kind of relationships;
  • Most members are young.


  • No women;
  • You can’t chat for free.

A 1-month subscription will cost 12.95 USD.

Koko App


Koko App comes with a strong potential to help single men and women find hookup chances. This is one of the best free hookup apps that work. The high accuracy and success levels available on the Koko App is vital reasons behind the brand pushing most of its features to the premium section. A subscription has to be purchased to get the best out of Koko App, which happens to be popular around the world. This popularity is further enhanced by the product being available in nine different languages. This also presents many opportunities, as users have the potential to find dates from around the world.

Koko App is safe and gives you the possibility to block any suspicious user.


  • It’s a safe app;
  • Most of the users are young;
  • A lot of unique features.


  • Only available as a mobile app;
  • No email verification.

Koko App prices are:

  • 1 month – 16.99 USD
  • 3 months – 21.99 USD
  • 12 months – 107.88 USD

Interracial Dating Central


More people are opening up to the concept of dating across different cultural and racial lines. For such individuals, Interracial Dating Central would be an excellent destination. It has an extensive collection of users from the United States, that happens to be quite multicultural. Anyone who signs up from the USA to the Interracial Dating Central platform will likely find a hookup. One can sign up on this platform for free. This is one of the few best hookup apps that provides a money-back guarantee if the service does not provide a meeting within 90 days. One can use date coaching, online magazines, and several videos to fine-tune their art of enjoying a date.


  • Replying to messages is free;
  • Members are active;
  • You can save your searches.


  • You can’t send messages for free;
  • No email verification.

Premium membership costs:

  • 1 month – 25.99 USD
  • 3 months – 39.50 USD
  • 6 months – 69.96 USD


Are There Any Hookup Apps Which Are Accessible for Free?

A decent chunk of hookup apps can be accessed for free. However, the quality of experience provided by these destinations will be below par – especially for someone who is used to the premium offerings.

What Is the Safety Quotient of These Hookup Apps?

The list has been drawn up only after considering various parameters about every hookup app. All the sites listed above are completely safe.

Can you Experience Any Hookup Apps Without Becoming a Member?

One cannot become a part of legit hookup apps without becoming a member. Only after registration users will receive access to the platform features and various profiles. If the app allows any random person to browse through the profiles, it may not be safe.

What are the Options to Identify Potential Partners on Hookup Apps?

Adult dating apps can be used to identify potential partners, just as any other dating app. The crucial difference comes about regarding the type of partners that they seek. Members on hookup apps tend to prefer individuals who do not want anything in the long term.

Do the Hookup Apps Truly Work?

The list of adult hookup apps provided here is some of the best in the business. They are excellent when it comes to helping two individuals with similar interests meet and get to know each other without much effort.

What is the Likelihood of Finding Long-Term Relationships On Hookup Apps?

The primary intention of anyone joining hookup apps is to have some casual fun and a no-strings-attached relationship. Even though it is unlikely that they would be interested in switching preferences towards long-term relationships after meeting someone through hookup apps, the event cannot be ruled out completely.

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