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BuddyGays Review 2023

BuddyGays Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 66%
Quality Matches 36%
Popular Age 25-48
Profiles 28 260 950
Reply Rate 52%
Ease of Use 6.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy to sign-up
  • Helpful support team
  • Many active members
  • 3-day free premium membership trial available
  • Very few bots & fake profiles
  • You need to sign-up for a premium membership to use the instant messaging
  • You can't view other member's photo albums without upgrading your membership

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Being gay means, you have to go to another level of complexity in dating. Sure, nowadays thoings are becoming better for gay people, and we as a society are more accepting of the same-sex relationship as we were just 40 years ago. However despite the growing acceptance, there are still some issues men dating a man can face when looking for a partner.

For one, is the fact that regular dating sites are still mostly dominated by heterosexuals, and it becomes a more time-consuming to browse through so many profiles, to determine which of them are also looking for same sex relationsip. Plus, just like women searching for the man of their dreams, men too have high hopes when they are looking for a man to date. Thus, the best and quickest way to find a MLM relationship is toi visit some of the best dating sites available online. And among them, one of the most popular options is BuddyGays.

As you can guess from the name, BuddyGays is an online dating site where you can casually meet cute guys and have relationships. It’s ideal for gay individuals who are searching for a partner to commit to a long-term relationship. BuddyGays ensures that there is someone for everyone. Hence, the site is taking itself seriously to ensure it has everything it needs to offer a safe and fun environment for gay dating. Some users even said that BuddyGays is one of the best dating sites for the gay community.

But what else BuddyGays has to offer? Let’s find out!

A Short History Of BuddyGays

BuddyGays was launched in 2016 and it is owned by a digital company known as Marbore Web Solution LTD, based in Bulgaria. But what is the BuddyGays’ goal? – you may ask. Simple – to create a dating site designed especially for gays because mainstream dating platforms have become more broad, and reliable gay dating sites and apps are hard to come by.

The stakes are higher, and the choices are limited when you’re gay. So that’s when BuddyGay came into play. BuddyGay allows you to find the same-sex relationship, regardless of age, cultural background, location and ethnicity.

How To Use BuddyGays

How To Use BuddyGays

Like other dating sites, the main point of using this gay hookup platform is meeting with new people, to form serious bond or just have some fun night, with no strings attached. So how can you do it on this platform?

At BuddyGays, the only communication method available is via chat or a private message. There is no video call. To start searching for the desired match, use the advanced search tool by adding specific characteristics that you prefer. For example, you can use the search filter based on lifestyle, personality, physical attributes, hobby, location, age, and ethnicity. Take note that the more characteristics you enter, the narrower the results will be.

Once you are satisfied with the filters, click the search now button. There’ll be a list that matches your desired characteristics. You can like their profile or start sending them a message to get to know them better.

You can also use the Tribe feature on your profile to narrow down the type of match you’re looking for. Mind you, some of the guys here like to categorize themselves to make it easy for people to find people who share a similar personality and interest.

You can also send them your photo or a video when you’re chatting with them. Just click the camera icon and upload your photo or video. BuddyGays uses the “Hear me, See Me and Meet Me” technology where you can effortlessly request another member to send you a photo, video and meet them if you think he’s the right guy.

Signing Up On BuddyGays

Signing Up On BuddyGays

The registration process on BuddyGays is pretty quick, and only takes less than 5 minutes. All you have to do is go to BuddyGays’ main page and enter your age, location, email address and create a password. During the registration, the site has predetermined who you’re looking for. Meaning, you can only select “a man looking for a man.”

Then you click the “Join Now” button. As for the location, the site uses your IP address to set your location. But if you prefer other locations, sure, you can change them before you proceed with clicking the “Join Now” option.

An email will be sent to your registered email address together with a four-digit activation code. If you did not receive the activation code, check your spam folder. You can also start using the site right after log-in, but it’s best to complete your profile first.

Design And Usability Features

Design And Usability Features

BuddyGays’s site design is elegant and straightforward. It has a striking color which makes the site look trendy and modern. All tabs and search buttons are accessible and easy to find. If you have used other dating sites before, you’ll notice that BuddyGays have the typical design as other dating sites. Potential matches, account details, message tabs are all placed on the main page.

From the homepage, you can discover other members and use the search filters on the right side of your profile. In addition, you can use the advanced search filters to search the potential matches you desire.

And of course much like any other hookup site, there are several BuddyGays’ feature options to make your dating more comfortable. For example:

Like Gallery

You can like other member’s photos with this feature. The user will get a notification that you just liked his photo. Then, they can either send you a message or save your profile. However keep in mind that to start a chat or send a private message, you have to subscribe to the premium membership.


You can create a flirty message and broadcast it to more than one user at a time. There is no limit to how many members you can send the flirtcast too.

Verified Member

Every verified member receives a badge on the profile. It shows the other people that you are a real person, and they will be more inclined to get in contact with you. To verify your profile, you need to add a photo and complete your profile. You can request a profile verification by clicking on the verified profile option. A moderator will ask you to upload your image or your CC for confirmation, and once you’re passed the verification test, you’ll be given a verification badge. This automatically boosts your presence and chances of meeting someone.

Hot or Not

You can decide whether a user is hot or not for fun. Simply select the hot or not option for each profile you’ve encountered. And other members can vote for your photo as well. This feature allows you to subtly flirt with other members without having to message them directly.


This feature allows you to search for a partner more accurately and quickly. A group of guys will be added into a few groups and categories. So, let’s say, you prefer a muscular guy with a rugged look; you can find them in the “Bear” group.

You yourself can fit into one of these categories:

Bear – Rugged, muscular with facial hair

Clean-cut guy – Clean shaved guy with no facial hair

Geeky – A guy that is into geeky stuff, games, books, and arts

Twink – a young gay guy that is usually between 18 to 22-years-old

Daddy – if you prefer to be the alpha in a relationship

Jock – if you’re into sports

BDSM – if you’re a gay guy that loves bondage and discipline in sex

Who Uses BuddyGays?

Who Uses BuddyGays?

BuddyGays is strictly for men only. You can try the personality test upon signing up to get a quick view of what type of person you’ll be meeting on BuddyGays.

As for the users in BuddyGays, most of them are from the United States. The platform has over 300,000 sign-up members, with 100,00 active users weekly. The demographic shows that men aged 24- years-old to 40 are the highest population in BuddyGays. And the lowest age group is guys aged 55 and above.

To ensure that people notice you on BuddyGays, you need to complete your profile and add at least 3 pictures to your photo album. Essential details that need to be on your profile are your personal info; age, Tribe, physical attribute, hair color, ethnicity, and age. In addition, your profile photo should not exceed 320 pixels and 8MB.

The profile is categorized into six different sections; personal info, album, videos, type of relationship you’re looking for, and additional information.

Safety & Security Features

Safety & Security Features

The site is secured with SSL protection. In addition, you can read through BuddyGays’ Terms of Use, which tells members precisely what information the platform collects and what it does with the data. It will give you a sense of security, knowing how much control you have over the personal information you share under the conditions you sign-up for.

BuddyGays Mobile App – Is It User-Friendly?

Unfortunately, there is no BuddyGays app yet. But if you want to use BuddyGays on the go, you can use the mobile version. The mobile one has similar features and usability as the desktop version.

BuddyGays Membership Options

BuddyGays Membership Options

It’s free to sign-up for a BuddyGays account. However, a few features require a membership upgrade.

BuddyGays offer a few packages for premium membership. It even has a one-day package that starts from $0.99 for users who prefer to try the premium feature first.

  • 1 day membership – starts at $0.99
  • 1 week – $7
  • 1 month – $28.80
  • 3 months – $48.60

For a 3-month membership, you get to save up to $37.80

Premium membership allows you to:

  • Send unlimited private messages
  • Start a chat
  • Browse every member’s photo album

BuddyGays Help & Support

BuddyGays Help & Support

You can reach BuddyGays through its support email at [email protected]. For billing issues, you can contact BuddyGays customer support at 1800-764-9523.

All inquiries will be attended to in 24 hours.


Is BuddyGays safe to use?

Yes, BuddyGays is pretty safe to use. Because you need to verify your email before you can use the site, this limits the number of fakes on the platform. Plus, the site moderator constantly checks on fake profiles and bots to enhance the user’s experience.

Is BuddyGays a real gay dating site?

Yes, BuddyGays is one of the most reliable and fun dating sites that cater to the gay community. It has more than 300, 000 total users and 100,000 active members weekly.

How to use BuddyGays?

To use BuddyGays, you need to be 18-years and over. Go to BuddyGays main site and complete your registration. You can start using the site after you enter the activation code. Complete your profile, and use the search filter to begin searching for potential matches.

Is BuddyGays free to use?

Yes, you can sign-up and create a profile for free. But to use the instant messaging feature and browse other people’s photos, you need to upgrade to a premium membership.

Can you really find someone on BuddyGays?

Yes, all you need to do is complete your profile and get it verified. Then, keep on liking members that you’re interested in to stay connected and be friendly.


BuddyGays is an pretty good gay dating site for gay people looking for a short or long-term relationships. It’s fun and easy-to-use. BuddyGays has an adequate user base that makes for a large dating pool, so you can expand your circle more comprehensively and hassle-free. Its security and verified profile feature ensures you won’t likely be bothered by fake profiles or bots. And there is a specific match category called Tribe, so you can enjoy dating catered to your particular needs.

The grid-layout design allows you to check out any hot guys, making it easy to interact. The only low point we can think of the site is you need to upgrade your membership to use the messaging feature. Other than that, we believe BuddyGays is the ultimate gay dating site you should deffinetly consider when looking for some romance.

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