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Top 10 Black Hookup Apps – Our List!

Before we can get to black hookup apps reviews, let’s get some stats. Some African people head out to different continents to seek greener pastures. It might be because of education or work. However, it gets to a point where they need to settle down, and they want someone who can understand their culture and blend in well with them. On the other hand, some other races prefer the beauty of black men or women.

Even though they are widely spread, there are not that many black people in a single area. That makes the odds of bumping into one smaller and even smaller if you’re hoping to bump into a single black person looking for a partner. However, online dating made this all simple as you can sign up to a platform and get your ideal partner. So what should you know about apps to hook up with black girls?

Want to Use Black Hookup Apps? Here is What You Have to Know!

Most of the apps that offer hook up with black people are slightly different from the typical online dating apps. They can be characterized as one with a small number of users but very effective in yielding results. It’s not always black people seeking other black people as different people from various corners of the world sign up hoping to get some “black love.”

Altogether, most of these hookup apps for black people are active and fun as many members participate in conversations and engagements. It makes them ideal if you are looking for a black man or woman to start a relationship with, befriend, or enjoy casual discussions. With much said on that, what are the best black hookup apps?

The List of Best Black Hookup Apps

After further reviewing and filtering out multiple choices, we lined up what we think are the best black hookup apps. Our list comprises of;

  1. Zoosk
  2. Elite Singles
  3. Real Black Love
  4. Match.com
  5. BlackPeopleMeet
  6. BLK
  7. eHarmony
  8. Afrointroductions
  9. RBL
  10. Tagged.



Zoosk is among the first dating platforms that ever existed. It was introduced in 2007 and is absolutely free. It has been integrated with other social media platforms like Google+ and Facebook, giving users multiple alternatives to sign in. This consideration makes it easy for black people to sign in and interact with multiple other users.


  • Easy to sign in and use
  • Many users on the site interact with
  • Most of the features are free.


  • Limited greetings
  • Dull user interface compared to other apps.


Particular qualities qualify Zoosk to be among the best black hookup apps. Some of these features include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – Literally anyone can join the platform as long as they meet the required age of 18 years old. It’s easy to download the app or access the site using the website from your browser. The signup process is short and straightforward, making it easier to complete your registration.
  2. The number of users – There are about 30 million users on Zoosk, which is a great deal. This gives you a wide selection of the kind of black woman or man you want to engage in a conversation with.
  3. Pricing – There’s a relatively affordable premium subscription. Premium membership unlocks additional features on the app.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The interface is outdated, although the platform doesn’t disappoint on usability. Navigation around the site is simple as all the instructions are easy to understand.
  5. Privacy and security – The app offer privacy to the information of the users and their conversations with other members.

User Review

“Met my now wife on there 2 years ago, and now have been married for over a year, best decision of my life. Great app especially if you’re looking not to get Catfishes, love the photo verification feature.” – Eric Azariah Aull

Elite Singles


Elite Singles is a highly rated app that can connect you to multiple black people who are ready to mingle. It allows users to set the date preferences that they are looking for, including their ethnicity. This makes it easy to narrow down the options if you are looking for a black partner. The platform is famous for the group of people it attracts. 82% of users are graduates, and 90% of the members seek a serious long-term relationship. There is no room for jokers on the platform.


  • Registration is free
  • Basic membership offers communication through virtual flirts
  • They have sophisticated search options.


  • Other communication means are paid for
  • Limited features for a free subscription.


Some of the features that make Elite Singles an ideal choice for apps to hookup with black girls include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is free to download and register for an account. It is open to multiple users globally, making it more accessible to a broader crowd. You also get to flirt with your match for free.
  2. The number of users – The site has about 2 million users. This narrows down the alternatives for users. However, almost all the users are looking for something serious. So, if you get one, then your chances of landing a date are so high.
  3. Pricing – There’s a premium membership that’s easy on your wallet. However, you will need a premium subscription to communicate with your matches.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app has a modern interface and design, which makes it, as the name suggests – elite. It’s easy to use and operate through the different pages, making it ideal for all users.
  5. Privacy and security – They thoroughly screen profiles to prevent any bot or scammers from the website.

User Review

“I love the security feature of alerting members to scam profiles…thanks and keep up the good work!” – Michael Swaray

Real Black Love


As an award-winning black dating app, Real Black Love is the best you can get. It focuses on the quality of interactions rather than the number of members on the platform. It’s packed with commitment-minded members looking for a serious partner with the same mentality. It has exciting features and increases your chances of finding your black partner.


  • Most members are looking for serious relationships
  • It’s free to sign up, set up your profile, and send winks
  • Most members are mature.


  • Limited communication for a free subscription
  • Few hookups for those looking for a fling.


Some of the features that put Real Black Love among the best black hookup apps include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – You can download the app and sign up at zero costs. You are also allowed to use limited features on the free subscription.
  2. The number of users – The site has few members, probably less than one million. However, the majority are serious ones looking for quality relationships.
  3. Pricing – The prices of the app premium subscriptions are pretty affordable, and it opens doors to additional features that are not accessible on the free subscription.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The interface of the app is quite good, which makes usability better. It is also easier to navigate through pages.
  5. Privacy and security – The site offer privacy to the users’ confidential information and their conversations with matches.

User Review

“I like this app….They send me quite an array of matches from all around the area. I am quite picky and the Site is user friendly.” – Karen Kirkpatric“I found the app very helpful as it allow you to meet new people, moreover the interface is quite good, the exciting thing is you can meet new people regularly. Loved it.” – Prakash Kushwaha



Match.com is the largest dating site in the industry. It is the best place to get single black men and women. It has multiple features for free such as signing up for an account, accessing your favorites list, and sending virtual winks. It also has a good man to women ratio of one is to one. Some of the pros and cons include;


  • Free to sign up and set up your profile
  • Offers several features on basic membership
  • It has a huge user database
  • There is a free trial for a premium membership.


  • Some interesting features are paid for
  • Limited messaging for the free users.


Other than being the largest platform in the industry, other exciting features make Match.com an ideal place to date black people. These features include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The site is free to access and sign up for an account. There is a worldwide availability, so you cause it from any part of the globe.
  2. The number of users – The app has close to 40 million users. This aspect puts it top in the number of chances to get a match in your local area.
  3. Pricing – The pricing for subscriptions is relatively costly compared to alternatives. However, you get to enjoy multiple other features.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The general design of the app is top-notch, making it exciting to use. It also has easy usability as you can navigate through the site at ease.
  5. Privacy and security – Measures are taken on any cases reported on the site that might lead to a ban or termination of membership.

User Review

“I like this app….They send me quite an array of matches from all around the area. I am quite picky and the Site is user friendly.” – Karen Kirkpatrick



BlackPeopleMeet is among the best black hookup apps available. It is popular and the most trusted by the public. It has features that interact with the users. You get to be asked if you are interested in particular matches, and you also have the opportunity to rate your matches. It is the best platform to connect with black men and women as you look for friendship or a relationship.


  • It costs nothing to sign up and use limited features
  • There is a free VIP trial
  • There are more women than men on the site
  • Almost all members are black.


  • Limited features for the basic membership.


Some of the selling factors of BlackPeopleMeet include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – It’s free to access the site and register for membership. You also get to enjoy limited features for free. Moreover, the app is available on iOS and Android.
  2. The number of users – There are about six million users on the platform. Not as many compared to leading competitors, but it’s enough.
  3. Pricing – A premium subscription allows members to enjoy a trial to see if it is worth their money.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app’s design are modern, and it presents good fonts and a comprehensive quality interface. The site is easy to use.
  5. Privacy and security – There are plenty of security features, including profile screening before joining the site.

User Review

“I have really enjoyed meeting people in and out of my area. It has been an overall positive experience with bpm and the app.” – Linda Sealey



BLK is a unique black hookup app. Although it’s only a year old, it has been nicknamed the “Black Tinder.” It operated in the US and Canada. In the first year alone, it got 500 000 downloads and plenty of other interesting stats on the activeness of members and interactions. Among the selling factors is the strict profile screening process that makes it a great app.


  • Available on Android and IOS
  • Strict security measures
  • Active members
  • Sophisticated matching technique.


  • Only operates in the US and Canada
  • International hookups not supported currently.


Some of the features that are making BLK increase in popularity include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is freely accessible, and so is the registration process. There are other options for signing in, such as Facebook, which is convenient.
  2. The app’s number of users – The app is still new, although it will hit a million users.
  3. Pricing – The premium subscriptions costs are slightly high but it offers good extra features.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The design is very modern as the app is a recent one. It has exciting features yet simple to use.
  5. Privacy and security – There’s a strict screening of profiles, and the signup process involves a verification process to ensure no scammers get their way into the site.

User Review

“Its nice and accurate, a lot of users!!! So more options!! But I’m picky so I’m just mingling and meeting new people!” – Vhoneybomb Live



Eharmony is among the popular black hookup apps. Even though it’s not focused on black partners, the popularity makes it ideal for black singles to join in and seek partners. Eharmony has an enormous user database recording close to 70 million users globally, with about half US. A good percentage of them are highly active, which makes interaction easier.


  • Many users
  • Free accessibility globally
  • Easy to sign up and use
  • It has a compatibility test.


  • Limited free features
  • Lengthy sign-in process.


Some of the factors that have led to the massive user base on eHarmony include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is free to download and use. You also get to take a compatibility test which makes matching even more accessible and more personalized.
  2. The number of users – There are about 70 million global users on the platform. It narrows the gap of finding a potential black partner.
  3. Pricing – The prices of VIP subscriptions are average compared to other sites.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The app’s design is modern, and it offers good fonts and color synchrony. It makes it easy to use the app.
  5. Privacy and security – The app screens new profiles for potential scammers.

User Review

“Their method of matching is the best. They have been around a long time. I also have gotten quality people who are not so far away.” – Susan Gallo



Afrointroductions is under Cupid Media which is an experienced company. It is a top platform for dating black singles. There are plenty of features that make interaction and engaging easier on the platform. The app is accessible on iOS only, which makes it a barrier for Android users. However, their site is open in case you want to use the platform via the desktop version.


  • Operated by a reliable company
  • Free to download app and use it
  • Easy sign up process
  • Active members.


  • App only available on iOS
  • Limited free features.


Some of the features that make the app among the best include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is accessible to ordinary people as it is free to sign up for an account. It also offers good matching features for the users. There are different communication alternatives available for engagement.
  2. The number of users – There are around 2.5 million users on the site. Plenty of them are from the US. Most of the members are active on the platform.
  3. Pricing – The prices for VIPs are high compared to competitors.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The design of the app is modern and reliable. It’s easier to navigate through pages which makes it an ideal selection.
  5. Privacy and security – The management protects the data of users on the site.

User Review

“Works well on my device, The app works well on my device but the premium is quite expensive. I will be trying the 7 day trial first to test if it’s worth the spend.” – Arooj Latif



RBL is famous for its security features. It is rated as the most secure black hookup apps of all time. Its main goal is to deliver a premium online dating experience, although it comes at a cost. The app is available on Android and iOS. It screens profiles to ensure that there is no room for catfishers and scammers.


  • Great security measures
  • Easy signup process
  • Premium features of communication.


  • Premium subscriptions are costly
  • Few members on the app but this is because of the rigorous verification.


The features that make RBL an outstanding black hookup app include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is not accessible to anyone. It is strictly focused on delivering quality black singles, and that’s through proper verification methods.
  2. The number of users – There’s a small user database of about 200 000 people on the app. However, all of the users are genuine.
  3. Pricing – The prices of VIP subscriptions are relatively expensive.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The site’s modern design offers good usability through the different pages available.
  5. Privacy and security – The app are strict on safety as the number one goal is to get rid of any catfishers and scammers involved.

User Review

“Thus far, I am loving this dating app. Its easy to navigate through the app and I love how you can put in EXACTLY what you prefer without limitation.” – A Jay



Tagged is among the oldest online dating sites available. It surfaced back in 2004 and has made changes and growth ever since. The app was recently introduced to give a modern touch to the platform. It’s more of a social network with a lot of users. It is well known for the 300 million users and almost a half coming from the US.


  • A great user base
  • Free to join and use
  • Interesting communication features.


  • Limited free features prompting you to upgrade.


Some of the most exciting Tagged features include;

  1. Accessibility for ordinary people – The app is free to download and use. It is simple to signup for an account, and there are many match options.
  2. The number of users – There are 300 million users on Tagged. This is partly because it is more of a social network rather than a dating site.
  3. Pricing – The prices of premium subscriptions are lower.
  4. Interface and overall usability – The design has improved over the years as the app is more modern. It offers simple usability and accessible pages.
  5. Privacy and security – There are more minor security features as there are complaints of scammers by users.

User Review

“Finally, a dating app to get just what you are looking for. Got me someone intelligent, kind and with a sense of humor. Thanks!” – Vernon Lesure


Is It Safe to Use Black Hookup Apps?

It is safe to use any of the mentioned apps to hook up with black girls. However, it would be best to consider the safety measures that a particular app offers before joining. That helps you determine if your information will be in safe hands or not.

Which Black Hookup Apps are Free?

All hookup apps for black people are free to sign up and use. However, the free or basic membership is always limited to particular features. Some don’t even allow smooth communication with your matches if you don’t pay for a VIP subscription.

How to Choose Black Hookup Apps?

The proper way to select the ideal black hookup app for you is by considering several factors. You should consider one that is accessible in your area. Consider the number of users on the site, but most importantly, the number of active users. It would be best to look at the matching technique, security features, and reviews by fellow users.

Are Black Hookup Apps Different from Typical Dating Apps?

Black hookup apps are almost the same as the typical dating apps. The only difference is that they concentrate on a particular target audience which is the black singles. However, most of the other characteristics resemble those of the typical dating apps.

How to Find Black Hookup Apps Near Me?

The correct procedure for finding the available apps to hook up with black girls near you is by checking their location availability. Some focus on a particular geographical area while others are globally accessible. Go for one that will have members in your local area.

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